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Heather Avenue – Primary Geography Quality Mark

Heather Avenue – Primary Geography Quality Mark

The Geographical Association (GA) is delighted to announce the Primary Geography Quality Mark (PGQM) awardees September 2017.

 Gold award schools ‘lead the way in providing excellent and innovative geography’
 Silver award schools ‘engage in whole school approaches that support high quality geography’
 Bronze award schools ‘foster lively and effective geographical learning’

The Primary Geography Quality Mark is seen as a key strategy for raising the quality of geography in primary schools and has been driving school improvement in geography since 2006. This year a total of 67 primary schools have achieved the Geographical Association’s Primary Geography Quality Mark (PGQM) at either Gold, Silver or Bronze Level.

In 2017 the PGQM was awarded to:
Gold Level
Alwoodley Primary School, West Yorkshire
Bassett House School, London
Curwen Primary School, London
High View Primary School, Devon
Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School Cumbria
Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, Kent
South Farnham Primary School, Surrey
Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

Silver Level
Ashmount Primary School, London
Bishopgate School, Surrey
Blowers Green Primary School, West Midlands
Camelsdale Primary School, Surrey
Clatford Church of Elngland Primary School, Hampshire
Colgrave Primary School, London
Devonshire House Prep School, London
Driffield Junior School, East Yorkshire
Felsted Prep School, Essex
Field Studies Council, Somerset
Hawkinge Primary School, Kent
Haydn Primary School, Nottingham
Heygreen Community Primary School, Liverpool
Higher Openshaw Community School, Manchester
Huish County Primary School, Somerset
Kensington Primary School, London
Kitebrook Prep School, Gloucestershire
Manor Road Primary School, Lancashire
Mosborough Primary School, South Yorkshire
Newton Primary School, Cambridgeshire
Oakington Manor Primary School, Middlesex
Quarry Hill Academy, Essex
St Austins Roman Catholic Primary School, Merseyside
St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, Lancashire
St John’s Catholic Primary School, Lancashire
St Lukes CEVA Primary & Nursery School, London
Sutherland Primary Academy, Staffordshire
The Ryde School, Hertfordshire
Windsor CP School, Liverpool

Bronze Level
Avonmore Primary School, London
Barnes Infant Academy, Tyne & Wear
Barton Hill Academy, Devon
Beacon Hill Catholic Primary School, Surrey
Burlington Junior School, Surrey
Callands Primary School, Cheshire
Chancel Primary School, Staffordshire
Devonshire Road Primary School, Greater Manchester
Edgebury Primary School, Kent
Hannah More Primary School, Bristol
Harold Court Primary School, Essex
Heather Avenue Infant School, Norfolk
Kingsholme Church of England Primary School, Gloucestershire
Lister Junior School, Merseyside
Newdale Primary School, Shropshire
Queenborough School & Nursery, Kent
St Aidan’s Catholic Primary School, Surrey
St Chad’s Primary School, North Yorkshire
St Lewis Catholic Primary School, Lancashire
St Lukes Church of England School, Greater Manchester
St Ursula’s E-Act Academy, Bristol
St Vincents Primary School, Cheshire
Star Primary School, London
Swallowfield Lower School, Bickinghamshire
Thatto Heath CP School, Merseyside
The Berkeley Academy, Cheshire
The Raglan Schools, London
Thelwall Junior School, Cheshire
Western Primary School, North Yorkshire
Westfield CP School, West Midlands

The teachers in these schools ensure policies impact on pupil learning and are not afraid to take risks, innovate and challenge to achieve progress in geography. Key threads through the curriculum are inter-cultural understanding, local fieldwork, environmental issues and dilemmas connected with sustainability. These are explored in a variety of places across the world from local to global. The schools use creative approaches to stimulate learning and place a high value on using real-life issues to promote understanding.

In total more than 660 Primary Geography Quality Marks have been achieved since its launch in 2006. This year we have seen a total of 8 schools achieve the Gold level, 29 the Silver level and 30 the Bronze level. This includes four schools who have achieved the Mark four times, Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School, Cumbria; South Farnham Primary School, Surrey; Huish County Primary School, Somerset and St John’s Catholic Primary School, Lancashire which the Geographical Association considers to be a significant achievement!


Jon Cannell, Primary Curriculum Leader at the GA says:
‘Each year the Geographical Association’s National Moderation Team is highly impressed by the quality of the submissions they receive. They are packed with evidence and examples of the learning, assessment and improvement systems that underpin high quality geography. It is heartening to see the extensive range of schools across the UK, and wider afield, who believe that a broad and balanced curriculum matters. Schools that use geography to drive their curriculum, engage pupils, raise standards and improve the outlook for each pupil. Through the rigorous Quality Mark framework the Geographical Association supports and develops the school’s understanding of the subject whilst being a mainstay in whole school improvement.

Making sense of the complex world around us, even for the most open minded, requires a range of skills, including being able to enquire, interpret, analyse, communicate and problem solve, often instantly and always with possible consequences. All Quality Mark schools demonstrate how they successfully help pupils find relevance and learning from the commonplace and everyday as well as the exceptional and extreme.

The subject leaders have worked extremely hard to stimulate, evidence and importantly demonstrate impact where it matters: on pupils’ learning, understanding and enjoyment of the subject. We congratulate all schools, especially their subject leaders who have worked so hard to achieve this award.’

Alan Kinder, GA Chief Executive:
‘There has never been a more important time for all children and young people to study geography. Growing up in the 21st century means living in an increasingly interconnected world, one facing a growing number of global challenges such as climate change and the need to live our lives sustainably. Geography not only fascinates and inspires young people, it provides them with the knowledge and understanding they need to live in the modern world. Geography is, as we say in the GA’s Manifesto, ‘fundamental to everyone’ and I am delighted that a growing number of primary schools are teaching their students to fully engage with the subject.’


Note to Editors

A summary of the moderator feedback is available from the school.

Each school that has achieved the Primary Geography Quality Mark is actively working to raise the standards of geography teaching and learning for their pupils. Further information about the award can be accessed at

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