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Massive Effort Delivers School Improvement at Acle Academy

Massive Effort Delivers School Improvement at Acle Academy

Acle Academy has been with the Trust since January 2016 and officially joined in September 2016.

The academy was not handed over in a sustainable condition neither academically or financially. The pupils, staff, parents and governors felt defeated, deflated and to large extent let down. There was only one way.

After much work with the DfE and appointing a new leadership team, the academy began its new journey in September 2016.

Over the past two years the monitoring for teaching and staff performance was tightened up, resulting in an improved experience for the pupils. The academy had a new local governing body with a clear brief and direction of travel. The new leadership team addressed the fundamentals of behaviour and attendance, and all of this was supported materially and financially by The Wensum Trust.

The infrastructure of the academy from decoration to a high level upgrade and investment of the ICT systems, resulted in further improvements in the pupil experience. During all of this the GCSE scores still held up from the low base that was inherited. So what does this amount to?

A Section 5 Ofsted in July 2018 removed the academy from Special Measures with the comment from the Lead Inspector that this had been a monumental effort by the leadership team, the academy and Trust, considering how deeply the academy had been in its category. The job is not done but the academy will move confidently forward towards a judgement of “Good” in the next two years.

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