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European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages

On Wednesday 26th September, Wells-next-the-Sea Primary and Nursery School travelled around the continent to celebrate the European day of Languages. The day began with a whole school assembly to talk about the importance of diversity and to discuss why we learn about different people’s cultures and languages. The school then broke into song, singing the different French greetings and numbers.

KS2 spent the day moving between classrooms singing in German, saying colours in Spanish, signing their names in BSL and making mosaic floor tiles for the lost city of Pompeii whilst also learning some Italian. On Thursday the international theme continued with a visit from a Spanish specialist from Alderman Peel High School. Here children learnt even more vocabulary before playing lots of different games to practise their pronunciation.

All the staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the day and we are now eagerly looking forward to celebrating Bastille day later in the school year!

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