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School Recognised for Supporting Educational Research

School Recognised for Supporting Educational Research

Alderman Peel High School, with its impressive record of progress is continuing to improve in
partnership with the Education Endowment Foundation – the nation’s leading educational research

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is an independent charity dedicated to breaking the link
between family income and educational achievement. Alderman Peel High School has been a
significant part of this research as a Project Partner. The latest research project focused on the
impact of Teaching Maths in Context, particularly related to finance.

The project involved teachers delivering the content of their GCSE Mathematics lessons in a greater
financial context. Topics have ranged from planning a celebratory meal, purchasing a moped, Maths
related to credit cards, loans and interest, to looking at different careers and their earning potential and
even becoming Chancellor for the day! The lessons have been very well received by the pupils, who
have commented on how much they have enjoyed the real life links and class discussion. The
purpose of this project is to make the Maths skills learnt at school transferable to real-life contexts.
We are confident this will improve both students’ attainment and their financial capability, giving them
the necessary skills to manage their money well, both now and in the future.

The project has been led by Lead Practitioner, Mrs Hannah Barker. Principal Alastair Ogle said “The
focus at APHS has always been to educate students to ensure they are as successful as they
possibly can be after their GCSEs. This includes getting the best possible qualifications and preparing
them for adulthood. This research has been extremely successful and we are pleased that our work
with the EEF will continue”. The next project examines the impact of Outdoor Activities on Academic

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