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Students win Prestigious International Global Canvas Art Award

Students win Prestigious International Global Canvas Art Award

Burnham Market Primary School and Alderman Peel High School students have won a Prestigious International Global Canvas Art Award.

The annual Global Art Awards take place every year and are part of the David Shepherd Wildlife foundation ‘Art for Survival’ Programme. It was established in 2004 to encourage young people to express their concern for the environment through the medium of art.

Led by Dolphins Class teacher Mrs Rosie Newport, the sculpture was created by 11 students from the 2 schools who were selected to work as a team and create a sculpture depicting the local sand dune habitat.

They were keen to express their concerns about the global plastic crisis, which is smothering our world.

Together the children worked after school and into their evenings to create a sand dune Sculpture, which they later named ‘Smothered’. Half covered in the natural flora and fauna that are unique to our North Norfolk coast and the other half engulfed in withering plants, interposed with crafted plastic flowers and plastic litter. The central focal point is an intricate spiders’ web covering the entrance of a rabbit hole. They felt that this represents the brittle line between our beautiful natural world and litter that man has created.

In total there were over 5000 participants from over 24 countries (4 continents) and to their delight they found that their efforts had been rewarded when their sculpture was shortlisted for the finalist awards ceremony down in London at the Natural History Museum.

Arriving at the Natural History Museum on the day with minutes to spare, the staff and students visiting the exhibition created their stall for judging. They were all elated when the results came in to announce that ‘Smothered’ had been awarded the ‘David Shepherd Award’.

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