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Tilly’s Happy Packs, Helps Bring Easter Cheer To Patients At The Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

Tilly’s Happy Packs, Helps Bring Easter Cheer To Patients At The Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

A Year 1 pupil at Arden Grove Infant and Nursery School has brought Easter cheer to patients at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital by delivering “Happy Packs”.

The idea of creating happy packs came to Tilly after her Mum’s stay in hospital, where she felt her Mum was lonely, as she wasn’t allowed to visit her and bring her presents to cheer her up. This inspired young Tilly to make some packs to make other people in hospital happy.

Tilly decided to start on Buxton children’s ward as she has spent a lot of time there recently with surgeries on her arm.

Tilly originally raised money by selling her own toys and making sweet packs and 2 happy packs, as well as providing some chocolates for the staff. She was able to hand deliver them to the children too. The Ward Sister told Tilly she could come back, so Tilly asked to go back Easter Sunday with some Easter treats.

Fast forward a few weeks, and following a bake sale held at Tilly’s home which raised £153; Tilly had enough money to buy 33 Easter Eggs, 19 happy packs, 4 Easter cuddly toys and chocolates for the staff. The happy packs contained toys, books, craft kits and sweets!

Tilly accompanied by her Mum, visited Buxton ward and delivered some Chocolate Eggs to the patients, along with 11 happy packs. Having had some Chocolate Eggs left over, it was suggested the pair visit Elsing Ward (older patients) who were thrilled to receive a Chocolate Egg and chat to Tilly.

Tilly’s Mum said; “It was a very proud day! All of the staff and patients were so welcoming. Tilly has had an amazing response to her fundraising and such wonderful support to allow her to carry this out. We feel so proud to have such a kind and caring little girl, who doesn’t truly understand just how wonderful gestures like these are”.

Sarah Waterfield, Head Teacher of Arden Grove Infant and Nursery School added; “We are incredibly proud of Tilly. At Arden Grove we place a great emphasis on the value of being kind and caring towards others. Tilly is making a positive difference in her community by considering the happiness of others. We have been impressed that her recent experience has led her to think about how people might feel whilst they are in hospital and then be inspired to try and make it a better experience for them. It is such a pleasure to be able to celebrate this wonderful story within the school and the local community”.

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