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Engineers of the Future Celebrate Robotics Success

Engineers of the Future Celebrate Robotics Success

Students from Alderman Peel High School, part of The Wensum Trust, are celebrating this week after winning the opportunity to compete in the Robotex International Festival in Estonia. Archie Johnson, Will Beamish, both year 8 students and Henry Parkes from year 7 are members of the APHS Lego Robotics Club. The Club started in September following the provision of resources donated by the Dudgeon Offshore Windfarm.

Sonia Chirico Indrebø is the Power Plant Manager of the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm and she commented: “I believe that among the many students who have taken part in the robotics competition are tomorrow’s engineers, vital to the future success of many industries. Norfolk is now a hub for the UK offshore wind industry, a sector which will continue to offer career opportunities for many years to come.”

The Club, led by Mrs Moffat and Mr Pinzone has attracted a huge amount of interest and have been developing their robots in order to compete in a “Sumo” or “Follow a Line” competition.

The trip to Estonia which takes place in November and December 2019 is also sponsored by the Dudgeon Community Fund where the students and their robots: “Uncle Grunkle” and “Derek” will compete against international competition. The festival is designed for people of all ages with a prize of 100,000 Euros to the overall winner.

Alastair Ogle, Principal of Alderman Peel High School added: “We are all really grateful to Dudgeon Offshore Windfarm for sponsoring these activities and thanks to all the staff involved, for the time they volunteer outside of school hours to support the students.”

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