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Parent Information Evening

This article contains all content for the 2020 Digital Parent Information Evening

In previous years, it has become common practice for us to invite parents into the school, at the start of Year 11, to talk you through the structure of the students’ final year. We believe it is important that you are aware of how we will support your child as they navigate towards their final GCSE exams and onto their chosen destinations.

With social distancing restrictions coming in to force, we have decided that these types of events cannot take place as traditionally planned and instead will need to become virtual events. That being said, it remains important that you are still given this information and also an opportunity to ask questions that you may have. This is especially relevant this year following all the upheaval and changes brought out because of the impact of Covid-19.

As such, you'll find all the information you need to know about your child's experience of Year 11 on this page and if you watch the attached videos you will be kept informed on key points of interest. This includes a video recorded by myself on the year ahead and key events coming up. Additionally, Mrs Skarin goes through important information connected to careers and post-16 provision. Finally, Heads of faculties will record short videos outlining important tips for revision and guidance related to their subject areas as well as informing you of any changes to these subjects.

Following these videos you will be welcome to ask any questions you might have about your child’s experience of Year 11 and I’d encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any queries about this.

Mr Sayce

Main Presentation

Presented by Mr J. Sayce - 34 minutes - CLICK HERE

PDF of Presentation - CLICK HERE

Careers Information

Presented by Mrs C.  Skarin - 12 minutes - CLICK HERE

Maths Revision Guidance

Presented by Mr. M Freeman - 15 minutes - CLICK HERE

English GCSE 

Powerpoint Presentation - CLICK HERE

Science GCSE 

Presented by Mr M. Hart - 6 minutes - CLICK HERE

Humanities Revision Guidance

Presented by Miss C. Bostock - 4 minutes - CLICK HERE

Design Technology

Presented by Mr M. Green - 3 minutes - CLICK HERE

Performing Arts

Presented by Mr N. Hurren - 20 minutes - CLICK HERE