Alderman Peel

High School

Religious Studies


Ms F Lagrange: Director of Learning 
Mr B Arrowsmith: Teacher of RS
Mrs Hagag: Teacher of RS
Miss Beech: Teacher of RS


Religious Studies at Alderman Peel High School follows the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus. It is based on an enquiry approach using key questions to stimulate interest and motivation. The course covers both the six main world religions as well as a basic Humanist perspective. An important aim is to give a living picture of world religions in modern day Britain using case studies and source materials.‘Learning about’ and ‘learning from’ religion are key to this schools approach, in order to lead clearly into assessments and final tasks linking with the assessment criteria.

At KS4 students have the option of taking Religious Studies as a GCSE. From 2016 we will be following the Edexcel ‘B’ specification. Four main themes are studied from two main religious perspectives (Christianity and Islam); ‘Marriage and the Family’, ‘Crime and Punishment’, ‘Peace and Conflict’ and ‘Matters of Life and Death’.


Who might enjoy this course?

Anyone who has questions to ask and opinions to give will enjoy RS. This course will be of interest to people who are interested in others and in human beliefs and behaviour. The course will allow you to express your own beliefs whilst taking into account the beliefs of others.


How does it follow on from what I have learnt before?

It builds on what you have learnt about religion up to Key Stage 3. It will enable you to think about problems you may face in your life and help you work out how to deal with them.


What other skills might I develop?

Religious Studies will help develop your key skills in communication, information technology, working with others, problem solving and improving your own learning. It will also give you skills in making decisions about moral problems, and help you to become sure about your own beliefs and explain them clearly to others. It is not about making you religious, it is about enabling you to think for yourself about religious and moral issues.


Future Career Plans - What could I do next with GCSE Religious Studies?

A GCSE in Religious Studies is a stepping stone to a wide range of future opportunities. The skills you develop will support you in further studies and employment. A good grade at GCSE will help you progress to an AS or A level in Religious Studies, Social Science, Philosophy and Ethics.

Furthermore as you enter the world of work, you will be expected to work alongside people with different beliefs than your own. Religious Studies will teach the skills and understanding needed to work with people of all faiths and cultures. These skills are vitally important in all careers especially professions such as the police, retail, teaching, the law, the caring professions and the armed forces, in fact any profession that brings you into contact with other people.