Arden Grove Infant

& Nursery School

Children's Internet Access

Please see the information regarding internet access...

The Department for Education has teamed up with BT to give young people free access to BT wifi hotspots. BT will create a set of hotspot log-ins that young people can activate through name/password combinations.

By increasing internet access in this way, children and young people can still learn at home or keep in touch with their social workers virtually without running up data charges. This will be especially important if we were to encounter a local lockdown in the future as learning would revert back to being online.

Increased internet is available to all families with children from early years up to 16, and care leavers up to 25 if they:

●     don’t have access to a fixed broadband connection

●     cannot afford the additional data needed to access educational resources or social care services

Those eligible must also check that they can be covered by this service:

●     doing a postcode check on, or

●     checking whether BT wifi is an available network when they’re at home (this will appear as BTWifi or _BTWifi) 

Please contact the school office if you believe you are eligible for this and we will be able to provide you with a code. Thanks.