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Hello from Mrs Waterfield

I wanted to send a hello app at the start of the week...

I wanted to send a hello app at the start of the week. I would imagine we are all curious to know what will be said this week in relation to the potential easing of some aspects of lockdown, especially in regard to schools. I am also aware, at the start of the week, the team send home new online learning and activities and it might cause a mixture of feelings for families. For some it might bring a positive focus to the start of the week and for others maybe a sense of worry or feelings of being overwhelmed. Can I take this time to remind you that you must use these resources in a way that best supports your family. We are all juggling different challenges and the online activities are there for you to use in a helpful way and this will look different for different families. We know many of you continue to work at home and it may help you to know that many of the team, who also have school- aged children at home, are finding it tricky too. We are all finding some days better than others and quite often every day can vary. I believe when we get to the end of each day (even if things have not gone to plan), we need to look at our families, know we are all safe and be kind to ourselves and say it was a good day or ... tomorrow is a new day! Please, please be reassured that the team are ready and waiting for when the children come back to school. We will take time to find out what every child needs and we will make them feel safe so please try not to worry about school "stuff". Let us do that because that is what this team is fantastic at doing. The teachers have thoroughly enjoyed making phone calls to you and the children and it is the best way for everyone to feel connected. Remember, we are still here so do not hesitate to get in contact if needed. We really do love to hear from you and the children.