Arden Grove Infant

& Nursery School

Keeping in Contact with Woodland Care Home

We would love to send some positivity and work to our friends at Woodland Care Home as we are unable to visit them at the moment.

We are keen to keep our link with Woodland Care Home going over this period of time. Here are some ideas of the things that your child could do, which could make someone's day:
  • Make a card
  • Write a poem/story
  • Write a letter
  • Draw a picture etc.

You can also find some ideas on the Friend in Deed Facebook page.

There are 2 ways of sending these items. You could send it by post (on your daily exercise walk!) or email it directly to Woodlands. The postal address is: Woodland Care Home, 189 Woodland Road, Norwich, NR6 5RQ
The email address is: (You may be able to scan some home made items in to email).
Please let them know that your child goes to Arden Grove, by including a note in your message.
Thanks for your support and for putting a smile on someone's face!