Arden Grove Infant

& Nursery School

Reminder about reading books & hi vis jackets

Please see the information about returning these to school...

For those children currently in school (Nursery/YR/Y1/Keyworkers)- Please bring these in with you and pop them into the box provided by the staff by Tuesday 21st July if possible please.

For those children not in school (Nursery/YR/Y1)- Please bring these back with you in September and pop them in the box provided.

For current Y2s learning at home- Please take these with you to your junior school in September and they will collect them in for us. Alternatively if your child has a sibling at Arden Grove, they can drop this in for them!

Every child will have been given a hi vis jacket with a unique number in, we will be able to check who has brought theirs back by looking at these.

Thanks for your help, we appreciate your support with this!