Arden Grove Infant

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Year 2 Learning

How to find and access the Year 2 tasks...

Every day on Purple Mash we will upload 3 new PDF files into Work-Group-Year 2- Daily challenges. These will be a morning challenge, a maths challenge and a literacy challenge. The idea is for the uploaded PDFs to be used as a visual, you can then record it however you wish, this could be on a piece of paper (there is no need to print them). There will also be a new blog post called 'Pobble 365' and every day we will add the new daily link for you to access the literacy challenge via this website (Children please feel free to comment on the blog with your ideas and answers if you wish to!).

If you wish to access some topic learning we will also add a weekly grid to Work-Group-Year 2- Weekly Topic Grids.

Feel free to save any work in your classes file but try not to in this year 2 one so the PDFs are clear for all to view. We would love to see some of the stuff you do on the class blogs, you can add a photo to this or just say hello to your friends! Also look out for the new 2dos appearing this week!

We understand that due to high volumes of usage technology can sometimes be a bit temperamental and appreciate your support using this. Do not worry if you cannot save something, we are more concerned that your child can access and enjoy the learning rather than saving what they have done. Please contcatthe school office if you have any issue, we are more than happy to try anf help.

Have fun and enjoy! The Year 2 Team.