Arden Grove Infant

& Nursery School

Year 2 Transition to Junior Schools

The junior school teams at Firside and Kinsale are keen to start making links with the children who will be joining them and they want to give the children the opportunity to ask them any questions that they may have about starting junior school.

Hopefully, it will be a nice opportunity to sit together and find out if your child has any questions about their new school. We know your child might have lots of questions but can we ask that you pick the most important one for now and of course, there will be more opportunities later on to find out more.

If they have got a question you can get this to us by:

-emailing on Purple Mash by using 2email (type this in the search bar on Purple Mash. Once on 2email search for your child’s teachers name to send your question),

-emailing it directly to the Arden Grove school office (please use Questions for Junior School as your email title),

-or add the question to the blog on Purple Mash (This message will be the first post for the blog, simply add your question underneath).

Once we have received all of the questions, we will pass these on to the Year 3 teams at both schools and they will begin their responses! They are hoping to create a video with the answers to these questions, so it will be a lovely way for the children to get to see who the Year 3 teams will be. In addition to this, they are currently busy filming tours of the schools which will be shared with the children.

Could we please ask that all questions are sent to us by Wednesday 17th June, thanks.