Burnham Market

Primary School

Seal Class

The adults in Seal Class are Ms Davidson, Mrs Hewitt, Miss Bobbins, Mrs Stilgoe and Mrs Skeet.  We also have access to Mrs Green our Nurture TA for those children who need additional emotional support as well as Mrs Bobbins who offers Speech and Language support.

We also have subject specialists for some areas of the curriculum.  Mrs Furnell teaches Music every week; Mrs Morrell leads PE every week.

Please click on the items below to find out what Seal Class were learning about in the Spring term…


Phonics is taught every day.  Children are taught in small groups and the length of the session varies depending on the children’s age and stage.  All children are following the full Read, Write, Inc programme to allow them to make rapid progress in Reading, Writing and Phonics using a structured approach.

As well as our main Phonics session children have quick, short recap sessions and game times throughout the day.

Phonics is then embedded and reinforced within our other Reading and Topic sessions.

Discovery Learning

Last term we completed the Topic called ‘Space.’   We used the stories of Astro Girl and Planet Stick as a selection of high quality non-fiction to inspire us.  We used these texts to allow us to investigate the life of Neil Armstrong.  In Science we found out about different materials and how these would have been used in Space travel.  Our topic was enhanced with regular trips to our own Woodland.

This half term we are focusing on the topic ‘How does your Garden Grow?’.  We will be using the text The Extraordinary Gardener and Jim and the Beanstalk to inspire us.  We will think about types of weather and the seasons.  We will think about weather in different parts of the world.

In Science we are thinking about plants.  We will be learning to name different types of common plant, thinking about parts of the plant and what plants need to grow.

P.E. Days

Our PE days will be Wednesday and Friday. Please can you ensure your child has a PE kit in school on a Monday and we will send home on a Friday. We ask for it to be in on Monday as sometime we will do extra PE lessons if the weather is nice and it acts as a spare set of clothes if required. Please ensure all clothing in their PE bag is named. 


We visit the woods every week and our woods day is Fridays. Children will need a change of clothes for the woodlands, if it is cold and raining we will still be going into the woods so please ensure they have appropriate clothing. Please can all children have wellies in school every day as we often go for an explore in the woods and on the field throughout the year. 

When we are in the woods we have opportunities for wild play as well as more structured challenges such as investigating the seasons, tallying things we find, building bridges for The Gingerbread Man.  


Throughout the school there is an expectation that all children read every day. I understand that it can be tiring being at school and then going home to do reading etc., however I do not expect your child to read all of their book in one night, but I do expect them to do at least 5 minutes reading every night. If you read with your child write in their reading journal books. We try to change books on a daily basis. 

Home learning

In Seal Class children are given a home learning with a home learning menu on. It is expected that they complete a particular number of them by the half term. If children can bring their books in on a Thursday I can then look and share their home learning and send the books back out on a Friday. 


Class Dojo is continuing this year for general class information and Year One learning.  We have our online learning journey EExAT for all Reception Children.  If you need a new login please ask.  For all urgent matters please come in and talk to one of the Seal Class team.

Reception and the EYFS

In Reception Class at Burnham Market Primary School we follow the Revised Early Years’ Foundation Stage Curriculum. In 2012 the government made a lot of changes to this curriculum, recognising young children need to learn through play. At the end of the Reception Year your child’s progress will be measured with the Foundation Stage Profile.

At Burnham Market Primary School we are very lucky to have an enormous learning environment and a very generous outdoor space for our sole use. This space is divided into learning zones with resources that are always available on a daily basis.

As we learn new things the zones are enhanced with open ended resources connected to our learning and interests. The children choose which activities they would like to use in their independent learning and are also asked to come to adult led small groups and circle times and take on adult initiated challenges throughout the day, to extend their learning.

Reception Weekly Plan

Planning in the Early Years’ Foundation Stage is based upon the children’s interests, we also follow to Year One topics and themes for each half term. We use core stories as a starting point for our learning and we like to provide the children with experiences outside of the classroom through educational visits, and visitors in school to enhance their learning, we often visit local shops and businesses too. We have our very own woodland on the school site and each week Reception class take part in a woodland learning session run by Butterflies of Britain.

Your child will have a Learning Journal where we collate observations, photographs and videos throughout the year. We use the online learning journal system called EExAT to do this, there is a parent app for parents to access their child’s journal, we really welcome your contributions too. Assessment for learning can only be made through your child using their new skills independently, this means the learning is embedded.


At Burnham Market Primary School we want to provide the best possible learning experiences for young children.

Our Principles

  • Recognition of the uniqueness of each child’s capacity and potential
  • A holistic view of each child’s development
  • Recognition of the importance of play as a central integrating element in a child’s development and learning
  • An ecological view of humankind in the natural world
  • Recognition of the integrity of childhood in its own right
  • Recognition of the child as a part of a family and a community

Our Pedagogy

  • Knowledgeable and appropriately qualified early years professionals
  • Skilled and informed observation of children, to support effective development, learning and teaching.
  • Awareness that education relates to all capabilities of each child, imaginative, creative, symbolic, linguistic, mathematical, musical, aesthetic, scientific, physical, social, moral, cultural and spiritual.
  • Parent/carers and educators working in harmony
  • First-hand experiences, play, talk and reflection
  • Activities and opportunities that have sense, purpose and meaning to the child and involve joy, wonder, unity, concentration and satisfaction.
  • A holistic approach to learning which recognises children as active, feeling and thinking human beings.
  • Individual and collaborative activity and play
  • An approach to learning which develops children’s autonomy and self-confidence.

Our Environment

  • Physically safe yet intellectually challenging, promoting curiosity, enquiry, sensory stimulation and aesthetic awareness.
  • Engaging, motivating and interesting to encourage high levels of involvement and deep level learning.
  • Demonstrates the unity of indoors and outdoors and the natural environment
  • Allows free access to a rich range of materials that promote open-ended opportunities for play, representation and creativity.
  • Well resourced and enhanced weekly to reflect the children’s every changing needs and interests.