Junior School


Homework is set every week. Please click on the items below to view what recent homework has been set in each year group.

Homework supports pupils in their learning. It gives opportunities to consolidate what we have been learning in class, give opportunities to research or prepare for upcoming topics.

As a school, we believe reading is vital to every child’s success. Therefore, reading is included as part of everyone’s weekly homework.
We also set maths and English homework, which includes times tables and spelling.


Year 3

There is currently no homework for Year 3

Year 4

Homework 4H

Many apologies to parents and children of 4H. Whilst I have been tidying up at the end of the day, I have found the Maths homework has not been given out. This will be given out on Monday with extra time given to complete it.

Year 4 homework and spellings

Homework this week is Maths on time.

Spellings are words with the prefix, mis, in and dis

misunderstand, misread, misplace, insecure, insufficient, indirect, disconnect, dislike, disbelieve, dismounted.

We have been working on time in Maths this week. Could you please find opportunities to help your child with this, maybe at home or when you are out and about. Some children find this subject very tricky and being able to use it in context as much as possible is really beneficial.

Year 4 homework

Homework this week is page 6 and 7 of the grammar book on pronouns. If page 6 has already been completed, just do page 7.

Spellings this week are: accept, except, berry, bury, buy, by, break, brake, fare, fair

Year 5

Year 5 Homework 29.11.19

Year 5 homework due in 04.12.19

  1. Maths CGP p28 & 29
  2. English Blue p23 & 24

Year 6

Year 6 homework: 10. 01. 20

Maths: Mr Coe and Mr Townsend CGP pages 38 + 39 (percentages)

Mrs Turner and Mrs McCash CGP pages 47, 48 + 49 (percentages)

MyMaths online homework for 6C, 6Mc and 6T

Grammar: CGP Standard page 19 (present tense and past tense)  CGP Foundation page 21 (present tense and past tense)

Spellings: key words from Yr 5/6 list

Homework to be handed in by Wednesday, 15th January