Junior School

Our Staff

Senior Leadership

CEO of The Wensum Trust: Mr D Thrower
Headteacher: Mrs R Robinson
Deputy Headteacher & Special Needs Co-ordinator: Mr S Keer
Senior Teacher: Mrs L Seagrave

Heads of Year

Year 3: Miss A Hill
Year 4: Mrs J Harris
Year 5: Mrs L Seagrave
Year 6: Mr J Coe


Year 3: Miss A Hill, Mr J Adams, Miss D Bussey
Year 4: Mrs J Harris, Mrs K Nice, Miss Y Mundford
Year 5: Mr Z Kenny, Mr A Dixon, Miss C Ribbands
Year 6: Mr J Coe, Mrs D Hargreaves-Turner, Mrs J McCash, Mr M Townsend


Additional Teaching Staff

Additional Teaching Staff: Mrs L Latimer
Cover Supervisors: Mrs A Davidson, Mrs S Mann, Mr J Wilkinson
Teaching Assistants: Mr J Wilkinson, Mrs C Winter, Miss E Henderson, Mrs H Norman, Mrs C Matthews, Miss E Hall, Mrs J Smith, Mrs H Norman, Mrs J Thurling, Mrs K Hopkins, Mr J Laskey, Mrs L Heyhoe & Mrs C Sprot

Support Staff

Librarian: Mrs L Heyhoe
School Office Staff: Mrs M Nickerson-White, Ms D Brown
Midday Supervisors: Mrs C Sprot (Team Leader), Mrs J Thurling, Mrs L Harvey, Mrs K Sims, Miss E Henderson, Mrs J Smith, Mrs H Norman, Miss T Punt, Ms D Brown.
Caretaker: Mr J Smith