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  • 27/11/20

    Reception Blog week beginning 23.11.20

    This week we have been focussing on our painting skills. We have been painting self portraits. The children practised using their observational skills by looking on the mirror and then painting what they could see in the correct places! We discussed the shape and position of their features...
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  • 20/11/20

    Reception Blog week beginning 16.11.20

    This week we read the story 'The Hueys in the New Jumper' by Oliver Jeffers. This was part of the RSHE lessons where we are celebrating differences. We had lots of discussion about how we all have similarities and we all have differences and this is a good thing. The children are becoming re...
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  • 16/11/20

    Reception Blog week beginning 9.11.20

    This week we have been celebrating difference. The story was 'Barry the Fish with Fingers' by Sue Hendra. As art of our RSHE lesson we talked about the positives of being different. We also had a discussion about everyone likes different things and it is OK not to like the same things a...
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  • 07/11/20

    Reception Blog week beginning 2.11.20

    Welcome back - I hope you had an excellent half term break!
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  • 21/10/20

    Reception Blog week beginning 19.10.20

    Well done - the children have all been at school and completed their first half term!  This week we have seen a real difference in the classes. They are really settling in to the school routines and getting to know how school works. It has been really good to give out lots of team...
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  • 16/10/20

    Reception Blog Week beginning 12.10.20

    This week we have continued to carry out assessments with the children on a one to one level. Whilst this has been going on the other children have had free play both inside and outside. We have made the most of the dry spells between showers this week and have been outside a lot plus most of the ch...
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  • 09/10/20

    Reception Blog Week beginning 05.10.20

    This week we have been continuing to assess the children and while we have been doing this the other children have had free play - they have spent a lot of time outside which has been great and the relationships between the children have been developing nicely. There are lots of new friendships bein...
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  • 01/10/20

    Reception Blog week beginning 28.09.20

    Hello, Well the weather has continued to challenge us this week but we have tried to get outside when it's just been drizzling and not full pelting rain! The children really love outside play and are becoming more confident in their play and making relationships with the children across both...
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  • 21/09/20

    Reception Blog - 21st September 2020

    Welcome to the first blog! We would just like to say a huge well done to all the children who have done a brilliant job settling in at Garrick Green and to the Year 1s in our classes who have come back to school with a really positive attitude. They all seem happy to be here which is fa...
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  • 08/07/20

    Monday 13th July - Reception Blog

    This week is meant to be Sports week at school and Mrs Ellis normally arranges a fantastic week of different healthy and sporty activities for us all to do. This year is not a normal year but Mrs Ellis has still planned activities for us to do at home and in school but they are obviously a little di...
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  • 01/07/20

    Monday 6th July - Reception Blog

    Hello, here are some home learning ideas for the week beginning 6th July. This week is based on 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French. I know a lot of you have been planting fruit and vegetables during lockdown so you will know lots about this subject!  Here are some ide...
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  • 25/06/20

    Monday 29th June - Reception Blog

    Hello, here are some home learning ideas for the week beginning 29th June This week is based on 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. Here are some ideas for activities to do throughout the week - some online, some you can print out (if you've got a printer and want to) and some sugg...
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