Garrick Green

Infant School

Reception Blog week beginning 19.10.20

Well done - the children have all been at school and completed their first half term! 

This week we have seen a real difference in the classes. They are really settling in to the school routines and getting to know how school works. It has been really good to give out lots of team points this week for lots of positive achievements as well as kind gestures.

We have finished off the assessments and are ready to start phonics and maths inputs after half term now that we know the starting points for all the children. The Reception children did their first piece of writing this week which at this stage is more mark making or writing the letters they know. Year 1 have been writing key words and scribed a dictated sentence.

In maths this week we introduced the number 1 - we learnt what it looks like and found lots of 1 objects. We have also been practising counting.

We have acted out stories we have read to encourage confidence and using the language of stories which the children enjoyed. It has been really lovely that some of the children have taken the storylines into their play and we have seen the three little pigs building different house, bridges for the Billy Goat's Gruff to cross being constructed and Grandma/the big bad wolf chasing little red riding hood! 

We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 2nd November.

We wish you a happy half term and a relaxed and restful break!