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Monday 15th June - Reception Blog

Hello, here are some home learning ideas for the week beginning 15th June.

We are taking part in Norfolk Music Hub's Virtual Big Sing - we are going to pick a few songs to learn so we can join in. You could do this at home too. You access the music by logging in to Charanga Our username is 145369 and  our password is elephant. Then click on the Sing tab at the top. Look at the right hand side of the page where you will see the Virtual Big Sing logo. Click on this and it will take you to the resources. Once on the resources page, you need to click Launch Virtual Big Sing. Then, on the right hand side, all the songs are available that we need to have a go at. It doesn't matter if there isn't time to learn them all, just have a go at them and play them as often as possible. 

This week is based on 'The Princess and the Wizard' by Julia Donaldson.

Here are some ideas for activities to do throughout the week - some online, some you can print out if you've got a printer and want to and some suggestions of things to do. Or you might like to come up with your own activities based on the books too. 

  • Watch 'The Princess and the Wizard' being read on You Tube -
  • Can you find any other books about wizards or princesses
  • Can you find any other story books by Julia Donaldson which you've not read for a long time
  • Can you find some other books with spells in them


  • The wizard has a challenge for each day for the princess. Can you learn the order of the days of the week. In the file below Days of the week the wizard has muddled up the days - can you put them in the correct order or spot which days are missing?
  • Each day the princess turns herself into something different - can you match the disguise up to the correct day? Use the Days of the week file for pictures.
  • The princess loves her spotty party dress and the wizard has a cloak with stars on - can you design your own shape themed clothes? Which clothes will you choose and which shapes will you use? or you could design a new set of party clothes for the princess or the wizard.
  • The wizard loves counting while he's waiting for the princess to hide. Can you make your own wizard counting book and practise writing your numbers?
  • The wizard turns people into stone statues - play a game of musical statues and pretend the wizard has turned you to stone. How long can you freeze for? who is the best statue in your house?
  • Have a go at some of the magic games in the file below.
  • The wizard has been doubling all the food for the party look at the pictures in the potion and sharing file and share the party food out by halving it
  • Look at the Princess crown file below - can you match the shapes to make a symmetrical crown?
  • Can you make a shopping list for the party and put prices next to the things you need - can you add up how much it will cost altogether - if you've got a calculator you could have a go at checking your answer
  • There are lots of colours in the book - if you've got paint at home have a go at mixing the colours and creating a picture with the new colours you have made
  • There is a lot of glitter in the book, can you create your own glittery picture?


  • The wizard has a challenge for the princess for every day of the week - can you write a list of 7 challenges for yourself to do each day? They could be a rainbow challenge and each day a different colour like the princess in the story
  • Can you write a new spell for the wizard?
  • Can you write out some invitations for Princess Eliza's party?
  • Can you write the next part of the story - what happens to the princess and the wizard?
  • Can you write a list of the days and what the princess turned into on each day?



We look forward to seeing what you get up to this week - please keep emailing, uploading to EExAT or posting to the FOGG facebook page.

Have a good week!