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Monday 1st June - Reception Blog

Welcome back to your home learning ideas for the week beginning 1st June - we hope you had a super half term! 

This week is based on 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson

Here are some ideas for activities to do throughout the week - some online, some you can print out if you've got a printer and want to and some suggestions of things to do. Or you might like to come up with your own activities based on the books too. 

  • Watch 'Superworm' on You Tube -
  • Can you find any other books about animals who are superheroes
  • Can you find any other story books about worms at home or as ebooks?
  • Maybe you have a non-fiction book about worms to find out some information about them 


  • You've might have done a bit of symmetry work in your home learning a couple of weeks ago. Can you use your 'Superworm' powers to create some symmetrical patterns - see the symmetrical patterns sheet at the bottom for more information.
  • Create a 'Superworm' numberline - can you make different length worms and see which number you can write up to. Can you make some worms starting at different numbers. Can you start some worms at a high number and count backwards to make your numberline. Can you get your adult to cover up some of the numbers and then you have to say which number is covered.can your adult say a number and you have to say one more or one less than that number. Can you do some calculations using the numberline to help you e.g. 4 + 3 = ? 8 - 3 + ? - see the Superworm numberlines sheet at the bottom for more information. 
  • You might have had a go at timing yourself to see how many things you can do in a minute in the home learning activities before. The Superworm challenge is can you do some of the activities that Superworm does and see how many times you can do each activity in a minute e.g. skipping, hula hooping, swinging your arms. You could have a go at making up a rain dance to bring the worms to the surface by making up a certain number of moves in a sequence - see Superworm Moving and Dancing below for more information
  • Can you create a 'Super Shop selling yucky things? You could make pretend tins of minibeast/do drawings and label them with how many of each are in the tin. Then you could go shopping and combine your yucky tins. E.g. How many minibeasts would you have if you had a tin of slugs and a tin of snails? How many mini beasts would you have if you half a tin of spiders? Look at different possibilities. You could go a step further and price the tins too and then go pretend shopping. Whcih coins do you need to buy a tin of snails, would you have enough money to buy 2 tins of moths - Please see Super Shop at the bottom for more information
  • Make some string, wool or paper worms of different length - can you put them in order from the longest to the shortest? Can you measure the longest and the shortest one with a ruler or a tape measure? Can you find something in the house or garden which is exactly the same length as one of your worms. Please see Worm Length and Game at the bottom for more information
  • Play the worm game - cut up different lengths of wool/string and hide them around the house and garden, have a set amount of time where everybody in the house goes worm hunting and then at the end of the time you have to tie the bots of wool/string together and whoever has the longest 'Superworm' at the end os the winner! Please see Worm Length and Game at the bottom for more information


  • Can you write a story about an animal who becomes a superhero? 
  • Have a go at writing a list of the rhyming words in the book and add one of your own to each rhyme
  • Write a report about one of Superworms rescues
  • Think of some questions you'd like to ask Superworm and write them as a list. How might he respond?
  • Think of a new rescue for Superworm - which animal could he help this time?



  • Make your own wormery - there are instructions below. You could record any changes you notice.

We look forward to seeing what you get up to this week - please keep emailing, uploading to EExAT or posting to the FOGG facebook page.

Have a good week!