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Monday 27th April - Recption Blog

Home learning for Reception - week beginning 27th April 

This week we are basing the week on 'SUPERTATO' by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet. There are some acitivities at the bottom - some online, some you can print out if you've got a printer and want to and some suggestions of things to do.

  • Watch ‘Supertato’ story on YouTube –
  • Have you got any other books by Sue Hendra? Can you find any in your bookcase?
  • Here is another Sue Hendra book for you to watch on Cbeebies Bedtime Stories:


  • Time for some Superhero training.  Ask your grown-up to set a 1-minute timer on their phone/tablet. How many of the following can you complete in 1 minute?  You could write your answers in your yellow book.

2-footed jumps


Spins (don’t get too dizzy!)


Star jumps

If your grown-up wanted to, they could video you doing your challenge and send to us.

  • Ordering – Can your child put 5 things in size order.  You could use food from your cupboard, any of their toys, or if you have a printer there are Superhero figures to cut out and order
  • Complete the missing numbers sheet.  Ask your grown up to make up some more in your yellow books for you to complete.  If your child cannot count to 20 then try making some up for them to 10 or 5.  If they find this easy, try making some up that extend to 30 and don’t always start with 1.  How about reversing the numbers e.g. start with the highest numbers and work backwards.  This often throws the children!


  • Can you write a small story about what other evil crimes the Evil Pea may have committed? E.g. Did he jump in the bag of flour and then roll around putting flour EVERYWHERE?
  • Can you create your own evil vegetable or fruit?  What would they look like?  What would you call them?  Can you draw a picture of your evil vegetable or fruit, write its name at the top, your name at the bottom and email us a photo of it?
  • In your yellow books, can you think of 5 vegetables to write down and 5 fruits?  (Do 3 if 5 is too hard)
  • If you were going to be a Superhero, what would your super powers be?


  • Make sure you are reading to your grown up AT LEAST 3 times a week.  There are all the songbird books on the Oxford Owls website for you to use.  This is the hardest skill to acquire but the quickest one to lose at this crucial stage.
  • Play on Teach your Monster to read
  • Using your soundmat, find 3 digraph/trigraphs (not all on the same day)  that you can’t recognise and watch the Mr Thorne does phonics for this sound
  • Can you think of a real word with this sound in?  Can you think of a nonsense word with this sound in?
  • Choose a tricky word off the list we gave you, and then choose a book on your bookshelf and see if you can find the tricky word in the book.  Which of your books has the most of that tricky word in it?


  • Find a potato in your kitchen – can you decorate it and turn it into your own Supertato?  We would love to see the photos.  Maybe you’d like to turn another fruit or vegetable into a ‘superhero’ or and ‘evil’ one.
  • Grow some hair for your supertato: (you can substitute the yoghurt pot for a potato)
  • Can you design your own Superhero mask?
  • You could get your grown-up to cut some shapes into a potato and do some potato printing
  • Read through the ‘Food around the world’ factfile.  Discuss this with your grown up.  Have a look at some of the fruit you have in your house.  Can you work out which country it is grown in?  Can you find it on a map?