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Monday 29th June - Reception Blog

Hello, here are some home learning ideas for the week beginning 29th June

This week is based on 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson.

Here are some ideas for activities to do throughout the week - some online, some you can print out (if you've got a printer and want to) and some suggestions of things to do. Or you might like to come up with your own activities based on the books too. 


  • Use the 'Stars' file at the bottom of the page and have a go at adding the stars using the ten frame idea (you can draw one on a piece of paper and find some counters to use) or just by using some counting objects you have at home.
  • Use the 'Dragon' file at the bottom of the page and have a go at subtracting dragons as they fly away. You can use the ten frame idea or counting objects you have at home.
  • Use the Rainbows and Patterns file to see how good your pattern spotting skills have got.
  • Zog likes to do as his teacher tells him and practises flying (see the Flying Routes file below) - can you pretend to be Zog and come up with a list of different routes (e.g. around the garden, around the dining table) and then time yourself flying the routes. Which was the quickest, which was the slowest? Which was the most difficult? Did you have to go over or under anything?


  • Can you write a numbered list of the rules you think they should have at dragon school?
  • Look at The Flying Routes and Dragon Description file below - there are some pictures from another story 'Tell Me a Dragon' Each dragon in this book is unique to each person. Can you write a description of what your dragon would be like?
  • Can you write a set of instructions to teach a dragon to fly?
  • Can you write a story to follow on from Zog?


  • Make sure you are reading to your grown up AT LEAST 3 times a week.  There are all the songbird books on the Oxford Owls website for you to use.  This is the hardest skill to acquire but the quickest one to lose at this crucial stage. or ebooks available from The Norfolk Library Service
  • Collins have a range of ebooks which are free to use at the moment go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter: 


    Password: Parents20! 

  • Play on Teach your Monster to read
  • At school we are looking at all the phase 3 diagraphs again - this week we will watch the Mr Thorne videos for or, ar, oi, er and ur. Can you do a Geraldine the giraffe search around your house and find things containing these diagraphs?
  • Can you have a go at writing a list of words containing these diagraphs or a sentence containing some of the diagraphs


  • Zog got given a special star rosette for his work - can you make a star rosette for someone who has done something well.
  • For the festival of Chinese New Year people dress up as dragons and perform dances to ward off evil spirits - can you design your own dragon and dance?
  • If you have any Julia Donaldson books at home have a good look through as there is a hidden Gruffalo in some of them (just in the books which were written after The Gruffalo). There is definitely one in Zog - if you have the book can you find him in there?
  • Can you investigate which materials would be suitable for Sir Gadabout's armour? Which is the strongest?
  • Can you build a castle to protect the Princess from the dragons?
  • Can you make your own fire breathing dragon - there are instructions in the files below.
  • Have a go at some of the activities in the files below from Forestry England
  • Learn about fire safety
  • Learn about first aid

We look forward to seeing what you get up to this week - please keep emailing, uploading to EExAT or posting to the FOGG facebook page.

Have a good week!