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Monday 4th May - Reception Blog

Home Learning for Reception for week beginning 4th May 2020

This week we are basing the week on 'THE TROLL' by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts and 'THE NIGHT PIRATES' by Pete Harris and Deborah Allright. There are some activities at the bottom - some online, some you can print out if you've got a printer and want to and some suggestions of things to do.


  • Can you make a telescope? You need to think carefully about the shape and design. Talk about how to make patterns with colour and shape. To make it more 'piratey' you could you use an ABAB pattern or you could create your own pattern. See the sheet below for ideas.
  • Treasure hunt - Pirates love treasure. Set up a treasure hunt of your own. Every hunt will need some clues or instructions. You could write take 4 steps forwards, go 3 steps to the right etc. 
  • Pirate Ship - In all the stories the pirates have ships. Use your design and maths skills to make a ship that can carry some important treasure after following your treasure map. Your challenge is to make a ships that can hold 5 pieces of treasure. see below for ideas. What are the shapes you are using for your ship?
  • Make a flag for the pirate ship - your challenge is to make a flag the same on both side - this is called symmetry (we haven't learn about this yet in Reception) E.g. fold your paper in half,  put a square on one side and put the same sized square on the opposite side of the paper. 
  • Trash or treasure Find two containers - one for trash and one for treasure. Ask your adult to write out some cards with a number and drawings of pirate coins. If the number is right for the amount of coins put it in the treasure box and if it wrong put it in the trash box (see sheet below for more information) 
  • Pirate coins - Hide some treasure boxes containing coins around the house and ask your child to go and find them and add up the coins in each box thinking carefully about what the coin is worth. Don't forget to use numicon/lego/counting objects to hep you. 


  • Can you write a small story about an adventure you'd like to go on like Tom in The Night Pirates
  • Create your own recipe to go in the Troll's cookery book
  • Write a list of 5 words that might describe describe different ways of moving over The Trolls bridge e.g tiptoe 
  • Write a list of all the things you would take with you on a pirate adventure - you could use bullet points to start the list



  • Play sleeping Pirates - 'The Night Pirates' are quiet as mice and as stealthy as shadows and the rough, tough pirates are caught fast asleep. We need to practice sleeping like pirates (Parents you can thank us later!) Playing the game - pick someone in your house to be the judge. How long can you pretend to be asleep without moving? Can you time this with a timer? Can you put on some music? Can you stay asleep for the whole song?
  • Floating and sinking - The Pirates make Troll walk the plank before they find out he can cook. What can you make walk the plank? Will it float or sink? Collect a set of objects (ask and adults first) from around your house to experiment with. Choose around 10. Make a numbered list so you can tick the things off when you have tested them. You could have a go at writing float or sink. Find something to use as the sea - a sink or the bath are goo. If you want to have a real plank find something that could work or if not walk them down your arm! How many floated, how many sank? Did any of the objects surprise you - tell us why? 
  • Singing - Can you sing the shape song - use your telescope to spy different shapes around the house and add them into the song. See blow for song.
  • Plan a healthy meal fot the troll - you could draw and label it.
  • With your construction toys or craft materials at home can you create a bridge that will hold a certain amount of weight before collapsing - you could use a teddy/lego pirate you have made/doll/toy animal?
  • Make your own pirate hat and other pirate accessories and dress up as a pirate for a day!

Please keep emailing us and adding photos to facebook and EExAT so we can see what you've been up to.