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Monday 6th July - Reception Blog

Hello, here are some home learning ideas for the week beginning 6th July.

This week is based on 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French. I know a lot of you have been planting fruit and vegetables during lockdown so you will know lots about this subject! 

Here are some ideas for acttvities to do throughout the week - some online, some you can print out (if you've got a printer and want to) and some suggestions of things to do. Or you might like to come up with your own activities based on the books too. 


  • Use the counting file at the bottom of the page - look at the pictures and count the objects it suggests - how many different ways can you group them, you could use some objects from around your house to help. E.g. 10 can be made from 4+4+2 or 5+5 or 2+2+2+2+2
  • Look at the more and rules file. Oliver's grandad has forgotten how many vegetables he has planted - can you help Oliver explain how many more vegetables for each picture? 
  • Look at the crops and disco file at the bottom - Oliver has got a bit confused, he has put the fruit in baskets and labelled them but some have the wrong labels on. Can you check each basket and write out new labels if the label is wrong.
  • Look at the doubling milkshakes and measuring file - Oliver has made a milkshake recipe for himself but he has found out his friend is coming - can you double the recipe so there is enough. What if 2 more friends were coming - can you double it again so there is enough for 4 people?
  • Look at the doubling milkshakes and measuring file - choose some vegetables to do some measuring in your house e.g. how many carrots long is your bed, how many cucumbers tall are you?


  • Look at the counting, memory game and pictures file at the bottom of the page and write some sentences to describe the flowers and fruit.
  • Write out a recipe for your milkshake and then have a go at making it.
  • Can you write a set of instructions for how to grow a vegetable of your choice?
  • Can you write a story a different story about Oliver?


  • Make sure you are reading to your grown up AT LEAST 3 times a week.  There are all the songbird books on the Oxford Owls website for you to use.  This is the hardest skill to acquire but the quickest one to lose at this crucial stage. or ebooks available from The Norfolk Library Service
  • Collins have a range of ebooks which are free to use at the moment go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter: 


    Password: Parents20! 

  • Play on Teach your Monster to read
  • At school we are looking at all the phase 3 diagraphs/trigraphs again - this week we will watch the Mr Thorne videos for ow, ure and ear. Can you do a Geraldine the giraffe search around your house and find things containing these diagraphs/trigraphs?
  • Can you have a go at writing a list of words containing these diagraphs/trigraphs or a sentence containing some of the diagraphs
  • We are also continuing to practice reading the tricky words


  • Look at the sorting and pattern file below and have a go at sorting the food. also have a go at creating some natural art or continuing the pattern work you have done earlier in home learning.
  • Have a go at the memory game with your family 'I went shopping and I bought....' There is more instructions in the memory game file at the bottom of the page.
  • Look at the more and rules file at the bottom. Oliver has sorted his food and put some in the hoop and some outside the ring - can you work out his rule for what goes inside the hoop?
  • Look at the crops and disco file at the bottom and have a kitchen disco - give your vegetables different moods and create a playlist - can you find any songs about fruit or vegetables?
  • Have a go at some of the home learning challenges in the files below.

We look forward to seeing what you get up to this week - please keep emailing, uploading to EExAT or posting to the FOGG facebook page.

Have a good week!