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Year 1 Blog W/c 28th September

Week 4

We have definitely seen a dramatic change in the weather and so the children have not been able to enjoy being outdoors as often as we'd like. However we will still be going out as much as possible so please make sure children have a suitable coat.


This week we have continued to learn about "The slightly annoying elephant" by David Walliams. We have been sequencing pictures of the story and the children have practised saying a sentence for each picture. We then wrote 1, 2 or 3 sentences and tried to remember to use capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and our phonics to write the words. The children have all done a really great job!


This week we have been learning about adding. The children have learnt the symbols + and = and know what they mean. We have been learning the pairs of numbers that total 5 and using these to say a number sentence. For example, 2+3=5. We have been using cubes and numicon to help us. If you want to have a go at home has interactive resources. Your child can show you the numicon we use in school (number frames).

We are starting to write the numerals and lots of children are writing them the wrong way around. If your child writes numbers at home please encourage them to check that they are correct.


Bog Baby brings Jeanne Willis Booktrust pre-school award | Books | The  Guardian

In topic this week we have read the story "The Bog Baby" by Jeanne Willis. We talked about magical creatures and then the children designed their own creature or Bog Baby. We have used clay to make them and over the next few weeks the children will be learning about how to look after their creature, where they might live, what they might eat and what other things they might like to do.

Big Talk Home Learning

Have a look at the picture below and then talk about the questions.

resource image

Where do you think the cow is going?

What do you think the cow has packed in their suitcase?

What do you think the bus will look like when it arrives?

How do you think the cow is feeling?

Maybe the cow has been adopted and is going to their new home! Which animal would you adopt and why?