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Year 1 Blog w/c 7th December

Maths assessments, Christmas stories and Migration


This week in English we have listened to and talked about lots of different stories. The children have been able to have a go at writing their own stories and have also completed some reading assessments. They have done a super job and really shown how hard they have worked to learn their phonics and improve their reading skills.


In maths we have been continuing to practise addition. We have been using a "Part/Whole Model" The total is the "Whole" and the "Parts" are the 2 numbers needed to add to make the total. It looks like this;

Number Bond Mat (with Part, Part, Whole labels) FREEBIE! | TpT

For example; if 10 is the total then you can put 10 cubes, counters etc in the top circle. Next you need to move some counters into one "Part" and the rest into the other "Part"

Number Bonds to 10 - Maths with Mum

The children are very good at explaining this if you ask them.


On Friday we shared the story "Follow the Swallow" by Julia Donaldson. We learned about migration and linked this to our learning last week about what birds eat. We then talked about different types of places in the world and decided where we would migrate to if we had a choice. There were some really interesting suggestions. Our Topic "Carnival of the Animals" has now ended and we have learned a lot about animals, habitats, predators and migration. The children are looking forward to a new topic after the Christmas holidays.

Big Talk

Christmas Wishes

This week look at the picture and talk about:

If you could have one wish for this Christmas what would it be?

What makes Christmas special for you?

If you could be magical for just one day what would you do? Would you deliver presents? Visit new places? 


Things to remember......

Last day to bring Christmas cards is Monday 14th December.

Wednesday 16th December is Christmas lunch.

Friday 18th December is our last day. We are all having Christmas parties in the afternoon and children can come to school in party clothes! These need to be warm and sensible as it is cold and often wet and muddy at playtimes. A change of clothes might be useful too, just in case!