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Year 1 Blog w/c 9th November

Week 2, Fireworks.


In English this week we have been thinking about Bonfire night and Fireworks. As it was a bit different this year, we watched some video clips of firework events to help us. Then we thought about adjectives (describing words) and used as many different ones as we could to describe fireworks and bonfire night. We used lots of new colour words too. 

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We used our colour words to write simple "I can see" sentences. 

We then thought about how watching fireworks made is feel and the sounds we could hear. We finished the week by putting all our ideas together to create a class Fireworks poem.

Can you create your own poem or sentences using different colour words? 


In maths this week we have been measuring. To begin we used lots of different things to measure with, Lego bricks, coins, cubes, pencils. We found out that Mrs Morgan can't measure properly and helped her to always remember to start at the end of the object she wanted to measure and then stop when she got to the other end! It made a huge difference. We learned that it is better to use things that are always the same size, such as cubes, or else each answer we got was different. We also learned about rulers and centimetres. The children measured a range of objects and pictures using a ruler.

Can you find objects to compare and measure at home? Line up your toys - which is the longest and shortest or tallest and shortest? Use shoes to measure the length of your doormat. Use coins to measure small things.


This week in our topic day we thought again about the bog babies we made. We remembered how it was sad when the children fed it cake crumbs as it wasn't the correct food. We learnt about food chains and "Herbivores", "Carnivores" and "Omnivores". We investigated the types of food that are available in different habitats, such as fish in the Arctic and berries and insects in the Rainforest. We then designed a plate of food that our bog baby would eat. 

Big Talk

Thinking timeTalk about the picture.

Where is the figure sitting?

Why do you think they are there?

What might have happened?

What time of day is it?

What would you say to them if you were sitting next to them on the bench?