Garrick Green

Infant School

Monday 23rd March Y1 & Y2


Watch a CBeebies Bedtime story – tell your adult what your favourite part of the story was and why?



Read your favourite story. There are plenty of free ebooks available online.

Free eBooks for Kids: 16 Sites to Download Free Reads for the Little Ones
  1. Magic Keys
  2. Project Gutenberg
  3. Gateway to the Classics
  4. Amazon's Free Kids eBooks
  6. OxfordOwl
  7. Children's Books Online
  8. International Children's Digital Library.
  9. FreeBooksy
  11. Centsless books
  12. eBook Daily
  13. The Savvy Bump
  14. Barnes & Noble
  16. TCK Publishing



Y1 – read through the alien and nonsense words (sent home in the brown envelope) or see below for some alternatives...

Image result for alien phonic words


Y2 – spelling common exception words

*any* many* clothes* water* pretty* Christmas* beautiful* busy* poor* kind*

Read the words and talk about how they are spelt. When spelling these words we normally use the later names and not the phonic sounds. We often use mnemonics to help us remember them.

Image result for neumonic for beaufitul



After reading your favourite story ask and discuss at different points in the story how the characters might be feeling, what they might be thinking or what they might say. Year 2 children might like to use speech marks. You could write some speech bubbles or draw thought bubbles to share your ideas. We haven't covered this in lessons but many of them will recognise them from their reading books. Here's a great video to watch...

Image result for speech bubble


MATHS – fractions

Here’s a fun video to watch and get you moving!

Y1 – Find things that you can cut into halves (2 equal parts) and quarters (4 equal parts) e.g. a cake, pizza, apple, playdough.  Draw some circles and use a pencil or scissors to share them into halves and quarters.

Image result for half quarter

Y2 - Find some things you can use to share out (for example sweets or lego). Practise finding fractions of amounts. Share them out between 2 teddies (bowls, plates) to find half ½ , between 4 teddies to find a quarter 1/4 and between 3 teddies to find a third 1/3. Draw a bar model to show what you have found.  Then have a go at playing this game…

Image result for bar model fractions ks1

Have a go at playing this game…



Do 5 minutes of dancing:

OR create an obstacle course in the garden. How quickly can you complete it?