Garrick Green

Infant School

Thursday 26th March Y1 & Y2




Y1 – go through the sound mat. For each sound think of a word. If you need help check out…

Go on a phonics hunt. Pick your favourite book and see how many different sounds you can find.


Y2 –  write this week’s words into sentences.

*any* many* clothes* water* pretty* Christmas* beautiful* busy* poor* kind*  

Remember that you can always use a conjunction to make your sentence more interesting J For example- I have many beautiful flowers (because I water them every day.)



Can you retell your story using your new character? How does your story end? You could write down your story, retell it verbally or type it on to a computer. Don't forget you can email it to the your teacher so they can read it! We love to see and hear the things you have been up to.



Here is a great online resource to practice a range of maths skills. You can start on lower levels and adjust the time.

Y1 – write down and find the answer by using concrete resources (such as Lego or sweets) or by drawing pictures to…

Image result for half

Half of 2

Half of 4

Half of 6

Half of 8

Half of 10


Y2 – solve these word problems using concrete resources of by drawing a bar model…


- Mrs Ellis has 20 sweets. She eats half. How many has she eaten? How many does she have left?

- I have 16 pencils. A quarter get snapped. How many get snapped? How many are left?

- Dougie has 15 sweets. He gives a third to his mum. How many does he give to his mum? How many does he have left?

Now can you create your own word problems and send them to Mrs Ellis to solve? Or solve the ones below. 


Bake something with your adult e.g.



Please read every day. Your school book, a magazine, story book, non-fiction book,