Garrick Green

Infant School

Tuesday 24th March Y1 & Y2



Y1 – Add sound buttons to the phonic words. Can you make up your own nonsense words and add the sound buttons?

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Y2 – Write the words by copying…

*any* many* clothes* water* pretty* Christmas* beautiful* busy* poor* kind*



Write a letter to one of the characters from your favourite book. What questions would you like to ask them? Don’t forget the key features of a letter! In your letter you could ask them questions you want to know the answer to and tell that what you've been upto whilst at home. 

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Y1 - share groups of objects (grapes, sweets, Lego, dolls, toy cars) up to 20 in half. Investigate whether we can share 8 equally between 2? Can we share 9? You could share between plates, bowls, teddies or just put them into two piles. 

Y2 – find different things you can use to prove that a half is equal to 2 quarters. Cut a pizza / cake, share raisins or grapes out into halves and quarters.

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Build a famous building out of some of your toys or junk modelling e.g. a Lego Tower of London.

Draw, sketch, paint or create a collage of some daffodils.

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Please read every day. Your school book, a magazine, story book, non-fiction book,