Garrick Green

Infant School

Tuesday 31st March Y1 & Y2


Y1 – make a matching game. Use an old cereal box, paper or post-it notes to write down phonics sounds- especially ones you are unsure of. Make 2 of each sound and then turn them upside down. Turn them over 2 at a time and try and say the sound. When you find a pair keep them.

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Y2 – Do some scribble spellings. Pick words from the CEW word list and practise spelling them.

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R.E. / ART

Create an Easter card using symbols. Here are some examples…

If you're stuck for a ideas there's a lovely simple idea if you follow this link 


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Play (or make your own!) snakes and ladders.

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Create a shop to practice using money.

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Please read every day. Your school book, a magazine, story book, non-fiction book,

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