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Infant School

Wednesday 1st April Y1 & Y2


Watch a CBeebies Bedtime story – tell your adult what your favourite part of the story was and why?



Writing instructions. If you have made an Easter card or biscuits this week, we would like you to write a set of instructions for other people to follow. If you haven’t you could write a set on instructions for how to brush your teeth, how to make a drink of squash or how to get dressed! Here’s some important things to remember when writing instructions. Year 1 children should try to write simple instructions using times words first, next, then, finally. Encourage them to use their sound mat to write unknown words. Year 2 children should attempt to use adverbs such as carefully, slowly, gently to describe the verbs (for example - slowly pour in the sugar), conjunctions (for example slowly pour in the sugar so it doesn’t spill). Each instruction should contain an imperative or bossy verb. An imperative verb is an action word that gives a command. Here are some example...

Imperative verbs word mat | Teaching Resources


Below are some things to remember...



Please read every day. Your school book, a magazine, story book, non-fiction book,

Reading Quotes Clipart

We would like to say a huge thank you to you all for your support. We hope you enjoy the Easter break and we will continue with the blog after the holidays. Here are some ideas to keep you busy...

Play board games. Or make up a new one! Use old cereal boxes for the base and be creative with what you could use for counters.

Create an obstacle course in the garden. Use anything to jump over, crawl under and time each other. Rewatch Joe Wickes or the disco! 

Use up odd socks by making an Easter bunny sock puppet.  Use buttons or cut out pieces of paper or card for eyes and a nose and hey presto!  You have all you need to create your own Easter bunny puppet show.

Make Easter cards.  You can use scraps of paper, old birthday and Christmas cards, magazines etc. 

Have an evening abroad!  Choose a country, say Italy for example.  Spend the afternoon making Italian flag place mats and table decorations.  Look up on the internet how to say a few Italian words like hello, goodbye, please and thank you.  Get the kids involved making an Italian dinner like pizza or pasta and enjoy.  There are so many countries to choose from it's a great way to encourage the children to experiment with new foods and languages. 

150 Italian Phrases just for Beginners | This is Italy

Have a picnic.  Prepare your lunch, lay down a blanket and enjoy your day out.  If it is raining or cold, you can have an indoor picnic instead! 

Teddy Bear Picnic Art Print by Caroline Reyes-Loughrey

Memory Minute . Place ten small household items on a tray or table, cover with a tea-towel.  For example, a button, keys, a cotton bud, a fork etc.  Show the items for about thirty seconds then re-cover.  Each child has a minute to write down as many items as they can.  Smaller children can reel them off and you can write them for them.  The best memory wins. 

Kim's Game – Dementia Consultant

Bat and Ball keepy-uppy - Use a soft indoor friendly ball, sponge balls are ideal.  Each child takes turns with the bat to see how many taps they can keep the ball in the air. 

Precision Roll. Find a long clear space on the floor.  Place a tin from the cupboard at one end of the room, kids at the other.  Each child has one chance to roll the ball as near to the tin as possible.  Use a tape measure to record the distance for each child, closest wins. 

Jokes. Most children love telling jokes. Sit down with them and think up words to do with Easter - eggs, bunnies, lambs, chicks, etc., - and see if they can make up jokes or rhymes.  Here's a few to get you started:

  • How does the Easter bunny stay fit?  EGGS-ercise or HARE-robics!
  • Why shouldn't you tell an Easter egg a joke?  It might crack up!
  • What kind of books do bunnies like?  Ones with hoppy endings!

Egg-cellent Easter Jokes for Kids Kids | Squigly's Playhouse

Bake yummy treats such as easter nests, rice crispie cakes, easter biscuits

Read every single day.