Garrick Green

Infant School

Year 2 12th October 2020

Week 6


This week in English we received a letter from Little Red Riding Hood! She answered lots of the questions we asked her and she also asked us lots of questions in return. We decided to write back to her and the children did a superb job or writing a letter to reply. We have reread and edited our letters to check for basic punctuation and spelling. We have also been retelling the story and will be having a go at writing the story this week as well.

Here is a game you can play online to have a go at identifying questions and statements 



In Maths this week we have been looking at money. We have been describing the coins, knowing the value of coins, making amounts, finding totals and giving change. 

Can you solve Mrs Ellis's money question? Share your answer with your teacher for a team point!

I buy an apple for 5p, a banana for 6p and an orange for 3p- how much do they cost altogether?                                                          If I pay with a 20p coin- how much change will I get?
What coins might you get? 

There are also some super online games...

It would be great if you can set up a toy shop at home and enjoy buying different items, finding amounts and playing with coins. We have started by adding amounts to 20p and giving change from 20p. You could start with 10p or extend to 50p or even £1. 


Big Talk

Here is this weeks picture...

What do you think the rat is thinking?

What has the rat been collecting?

If you saw the rat, what would you do?

What is the best way for the rat to carry the fruit back to his home?

If you were struggling to carry something what could you do?


Don't forget...

We finish for half term on Wednesday 21st October (next week!) and return to school on Monday 2nd November. This will be our first International Week. 


Please send spare clothes in. It is very wet and muddy and we try our best to get outside in all weather. A few extra pairs or socks/tights would be super- thank you!