Garrick Green

Infant School

Year 2 4th January 2021

Happy New Year!

What a start to the year! Here is what we are doing in school this week...



In English this week we are recapping on the planets in our solar system and learning how to spell them correctly. Don't forget they are the names of the planets so they need capital letters.

We also recapped how to use commas in a list. Here is a video to watch:

Here is a little game to try:

At home you could make a list of planets, things you might find in space or anything at all. Then have a go at writing this into a sentence using commas. Here's an example:


Shopping list





When i go shopping I need to buy ham, cheese, milk and bread. 



In maths we have been recapping the names of 2D shapes. We know the 2D shapes are flat and are used to describe things. How many different shapes can you find at home? Can you describe the properties of these? 

2D shapes can have curved or flat sides. Where the sides meet is called a vertex or vertices (the corner). 

A circle has 1 curved side and no vertices

A square has 4 straight sides that are equal and 4 vertices

Can you write down the properties of these shapes:

  • rectangle
  • triangle
  • pentagon
  • octagon
  • hexagon

Later this week we will be talking about regular and irregular 2D shapes. Irregular shapes are 2D shapes of which the sides and interior angles are not all the same. Irregular shapes can be harder for children to identify as they don't look like the conventional shape they are used to seeing. Regular shapes have sides that are all equal and are often a little easier to identify.

For instance, a shape with five sides of varying lengths and interior angles which measure differently is still a pentagon, however, it is an irregular pentagon.

regular shape is a shape where all sides are the same length and all the interior angles are equal.


Have a go at making regular and irregular shapes on a geoboard:

Complete puzzles with shapes

Name the shapes



Please stay safe and we will be in touch shortly about home learning via email but please keep checking the blog regularly. If you have any concerns at all please email your class teacher and we will reply as soon as we can.


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