Garrick Green

Infant School

Year 2 23rd November 2020

Week 4 Animals and Number 


This week we in English we have continued to think about animal descriptions. However we have been creating our own animals! The children have looked at lots of different made up animals and had a go and drawing and labelling their own using lots of lovely adjectives and similes. Later in the week they will do some independent writing in purple books to write a description about their made up animal.

The children have been extremely creative. Here are a few of the animals...



In Maths this week we started the week with subtraction using a 100 square and also using tens and ones. We looked at subtracting 10 by 'jumping up', 11 by 'jumping up' once and then across to subtract the 1, 20 by 'jumping up' twice and also 21 by 'jumping up' twice and then across 1. We used tens and ones to make numbers and then remove the correct amount of tens and ones. Some of us used pictures instead of resources. 


Use this at home to practise...

We have also been exploring odd and even numbers, number patterns and counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. We have started to think about counting in 10s for multiplication and have used 10p coins and Numicon to help us with this.

Here is a game you can play to help with odd and even numbers... and here's a video to watchabout odd numbers... another for even numbers...

For example, if we have 4 10p coins we have 4 lots of 10, 4 x 10. We know to find the answer that we count in multiples of 10 4 times to get the answer. 10, 20, 30 40. 4 x 10 = 40.

Go to... and select level 2, multiplication and x10 to have a go at home or use 10p coins or groups of 10 (sweets, lego bricks, conkers) to count in multiples of 10. 

Maths Challenge

Remember that you can use your home learning book to write you answer in and if you can tell your or show your teacher the answer you can get a team point!


Challenge 1

I am thinking of a number. It is a 2 digit number. It is an even number. It is greater than 12 but less that 20. What number could I be?


Challenge 2

I have 6 10p coins. How many do I have altogether? Can you write this as a multiplication sentence? 


Big Talk

Have a look at the picture below and talk about the following questions...

What kind of creature do you think a fuzzle is?

Is it similar to any other animals you know?

What do you think fuzzles eat?

Are they friendly towards humans?

How big do you think they are?

What are fuzzles good at?

What are their homes like?

Use adjectives and similes to describe the fuzzle. Remember to think about its colour, shape, size, how it feels, how it moves. For example- it's fur is as soft as cotton. It cycles as slowly as a tortoise. 


Don't forget...

Children can bring their Christmas cards in on a Monday and put them in the class post box. Please only send it cards for children in the same bubble. Cards will be sent home the following Monday. 


Friday 27th is non-unform day. The £1 donation will go towards goodies for the FOGG Christmas hampers.