Garrick Green

Infant School

Miss Banner and Mrs Herron's Class Home Learning

If you cannot come to school, here are some ideas of activities you can do at home....

Use your Education City logon and do some of the maths or English activities from F1 or F2.

Have a go at some of the activities on Purple Mash

Have a go at some of the lovely activities suggested by White Rose Maths -

Go to and have a go at some of the activities

Reception Home Learning - 

Reading -

Check your sheets that were in book bags to see what we have covered in phonics and then watch the video and practise singing the songs and doing the actions. Video is here - Now ask your child to think of words containing any of the sounds we have covered. Can they identify if the sound comes at the start, middle or end of the word. 

If you have a printer there are some extra practice sheets for each of the graphemes in Jolly Phonics -

Go on a phonic hunt around the house or garden and find things containing a certain sound.

Look through your books at home, do a sound search and see how many of one sound you can find.

Practice reading you word box words. 

Play ispy with the whole family.

Download the Jolly Phonics app and have a go at some of the activities -

Can you use your toys, use puppets/make puppets and put on a show for your family to tell a story?

Can you tell someone in your house your favourite story?

When you're out on a walk can you recognise any shop labels?

Pick a book from your house and see how many words you can sound out and blend to read yourself.

Writing -

Practise writing your name and make sure you form the letters correctly. There only needs to be a capital at the start. 

Practise writing the sounds you know making sure you form them correctly.

Have a go at writing some words using the sounds you know e.g. get your adult to read your word box words - can you write them?

Do some dough disco or squiggle. Video examples of dough disco  and squiggle here -

Draw a picture and colour it in really carefully trying to stay within the lines or if you have a colouring book or pictures at home see how carefully you can colour.

Can you make place cards for the dinner table so everyone knows where to sit.

Can you write a dinner menu for the family.

Can you write a shopping list for your adult.

Play with playdough.

Build lego models.

Make some models with recyclable materials and make sure you use scissors to develop motor control.


Make your own numberline of the numbers you know.

Can you go on a number hunt while you are out on a walk - make a note of the numbers you see.

Practise counting - how many apples are in the fruit bowl? how many biscuits are in the tin? How many teddies have you got? How many trees can you see out of the window? 

Set up a shop and label the things with prices - get your family to come and spend their money in your shop.

Can you make a really tall model and then a medium model and a short model. Can you name the shapes you've used in your model?

Go on a shape walk - what shapes can you name?

Cut the numbers up you have in your book bag - can you put them back in order?

Can you find 1 blue object, 2 yellow objects, 3 black objects, 4 red objects, 5 white objects?

Can you draw 1 house with 2 windows, 3 trees in the garden, 4 clouds in the sky and 5 flowers growing.

Can you bake a cake using the weighing scales to carefully weigh out the ingredients.

Can you count how many jumps you can do in a minute? What other things can you do in one minute?

Year 1 Home Learning - 


From the Tricky word mat below Use Phase 3 words and choose 5 to learn how to write. Write each word 5 times. Can you write them without looking?

Write your grown up's shopping list for them.

Again with your grown up, write a simple story - take turns writing it with your grown up. 

Draw a picture of yourself, can you label your body parts?

How many words containing 'ee' (as in feet) can you write?

Draw three of your family members, can you write a name label for each of them and what their favourite thing for dinner is? 

How many words containing 'th' can you write?

Ask your grown up to dictate this sentence to you to write 'She went for a run to the shops.'

Reading -

Practise reading your tricky word list, how many do you know already? Can you choose 5 new ones to learn.

Read your reading book/play your blend game with your grown up every day.

Can you tell your grown up either the story of your reading book or can you retell them your favourite story?

Choose 2 characters from a book, draw them, cut them out and can you make up a new story with them?

Look through a book, how many of your new tricky words can you find?

Maths -

How many things in your house can you find 5 of the same of?

Choose a box of your toys, can you sort them into different groups? You might want to choose by colour, shape or by size.

 Use the missing numbers sheet below and complete it.

Ask your grown up to write you some simple number sentences to solve e.g. 2 + 5 = 5 - 3 =

Can you learn all the British coins?

Use the 2D shape mat below - how many of these shapes do you know?

Can you learn the shapes you don't know and can you find one of each shape in your house.

Use your number cards, can you put them in order? Get your grown up to ask you one more or one less than any number to 20.