Hellesdon High School

& Sixth Form Centre

Extended Summer Work

For students joining Sixth Form in September 2020

Please browse the subjects below to access extended summer work from teachers.



  1. Building Knowledge from GCSE to A-Level  
    Work through the CGP Head Start to A-Level Biology book. Use the book to make notes, make flash cards from the questions at the bottom of each page (the answers can be found at the back of the book). Test yourself on the flash cards to ensure that you have learned the answers to these. There will be a quiz at the start of the term in September to ensure 
  2. Developing Exam technique and applying knowledge tasks (booklet)
    Complete the Exam and Knowledge Booklet to develop exam technique and to apply your knowledge to questions. If possible, print these. If not, these can be hand-written. Bring these in with you for your first Biology lesson in September.
  3. Research tasks (booklet)
    Watch all of the TED ed videos and make notes on these to widen your knowledge of current research within Biology. Optional - choose one (or more) of the books that you are interested in to read to widen your knowledge and understanding of Biology.


English Literature


Task OnePhotojournalism
This task should be started as soon as possible.

Task Two: Photographic Illustration
This task will possibly be easier to complete once restrictions on movement have been lifted, as it will allow you to take photos of a wider variety of people/places. However, over the next few weeks you should be carefully planning what photographs you might take. The chances are your first ideas will not be your best ones so really do get thinking! If you have a couple of photographs you have taken previously that you think would work well, feel free to use them - but try and mainly use new photos.