Hellesdon High School

& Sixth Form Centre

Year 8 D&T

Core Technology Curriculum

Below are the projects students will participate in during Year 8:

Slot Together Project

Brief: Wildlife parks, zoos and nature reserves often have a gift shop to increase revenue. Design and make the prototype of a slot together animal that will provide an attractive souvenir of a visit.

Project Description: This project encourages pupils to experiment with designs using our laser cutters. It also teaches the students some basic computer aided design techniques using the software 2D Design version 2, copies of which are available in the library fro home use.

Candle Holder Project

Brief: Candles make a decorative and attractive lighting feature in a home. Design and make the prototype of a wooden candle holder with a decorative metal drip catcher.

Project Description: This project is designed to teach pupils basic wood working skills – cutting , shaping, drilling and finishing, as well as an introduction to metal working – cutting threads, dishing and planishing.

Automaton Project

Brief: People have always been interested in automata. Which change motion from one type to another. Design and make the prototype of an automaton for a specific target user.

Project Description: This project uses previous learnt woodworking skills to develop and automaton for a specific target group. It also teaches how to use cams to change types of motion.


Food Technology

A series of assignments that are designed to teach pupils basic food skills as well as learning about healthy eating. At the end pupils are entered for the Active Kids Get Cooking two star award.

During this year the students will make:

  • Scones
  • Cheese and Potato Pie
  • Fruit Crumble
  • Fruity Shortbread
  • Soup
  • Healthy Pizza


Students will participate in a Cushion Project

Brief: Design and make the prototype of a cushion to suit a particular target group

Description of Project: Cushions are a practical decorative part of the home that can be decorated in a variety of ways. This project teaches a range of techniques culminating in the design and manufacture of a decorative cushion.


All specialist areas mark in the same way. Day to day marking is done on a four point scale: Outstanding, Good, Acceptable, Requires Improvement. These are given the appropriate level equivalences. 

Sections of work are marked according to our interpretation of the national curriculum. These are marked in National Curriculum Levels.