Hellesdon High School

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Welcome to the Hellesdon High School Drama Department.

Drama at Hellesdon High School provides a creative and collaborative classroom focus for young people, with an emphasis on a development of speaking and listening skills.

Over the three years at KS3, students are given the opportunity to explore a wide variety of theatrical styles and conventions, throughout history and across cultures. Work is assessed in three ways, through the development of pupils' making, performing and evaluating skills:

  • Making - How well pupils work collaboratively, suggesting ideas and supporting group members; development of confidence and focused attentiveness to the work at hand.
  • Performing - Practical skill development: how well pupils can communicate their aims and intentions to an audience via their physical and vocal skills. How well they can sustain a role.
  • Evaluating - Written and oral critique of / response to live performance with well-articulated justification for opinions offered.

These three years provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to begin the Edexcel GCSE in Drama. The way that the GCSE is assessed mirrors the skills required at KS3 and pupils produce practical workshops in which their ‘making’ and group work skills are assessed; a practical assessment performance and written evaluative coursework of live performance seen.

Please have a look around at what we do at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 by clicking on the masks on the right, which were made by our Year 9 students.
Read about our provision for gifted and talented students in the department.