Burnham Market

Primary School

School Council

The school council consists of a girl and boy representative from each of the seven year groups, together with 1 staff member. Meetings are held once every half-term to discuss a number of issues, usually raised by whole class discussions during 'circle time'. The children take great pride in their roles within the school council, which produces sensible discussion and decision-making for the benefit of all pupils. 

We are currently using Smart School Councils, an interactive tool that can be used in class, enabling every child to have a vote on key issues. Our aim is to ensure every child in our school has a voice and that their voice is heard. We are also linking more closely with our Friends of Burnham (FOB) team this year, working together to develop and improve our school environment. 

Our current school councillors are:

Year 6 - Kenny and Faith
Year 5 - Zack and Amelia
Year 4 - Barnaby and Ophelia
Year 3 - Zachary and Lexie
Year 2 - Henry and Honey
Year 1 - Quinn and Cherry
Reception - Ethan and Charlotte


We voted to name the new beach huts. We named them:
 Seashore, Seashell and Seahorse



We organised and ran 3 games at the Autumn Fair and raised £29.40


You can read the minutes from our latest school council meetings by clicking on the links below: