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There is no doubt that the education landscape has changed with the emphasis on academies and more importantly groups of academies being the preferred model for multi academy organisation for the foreseeable future. Whatever the structure, surely the aim of every education organisation, whether it be local authority or education trust, must be to maximise the achievement of all children. The aim is to create a culture of high expectations among the whole school community, including staff, parents, children and governors. The Wensum Trust has emerged from a high performing high school academy Trust which has a successful track record of supporting schools, both at a secondary school and primary school level, to improve standards and Ofsted judgements.

The Wensum Trust is a new Trust built on the foundations of high quality teaching, learning and assessment and an intolerance of mediocrity. The phrase ‘that’ll do’ will never be heard within the classrooms and corridors of schools in this Trust. Children will emerge from each Key Stage ready and eager for the next challenge; eventually becoming highly qualified young people, ready to take their place at the forefront of a multicultural and technological society. In order to achieve this, our schools will be led by Headteachers/Heads of School who have a proven track record of success. In addition, we will develop leaders from within our organisation, so that the success culture within the Trust is carried on.

We welcome interest from any school which has at the heart of its organisation the highest expectations and standards of achievement for the young people of Norwich and Norfolk.


Gerard Batty
CEO, The Wensum Trust