Sport A Peel


Sport-A-Peel is a unique sports and leisure centre based within the grounds of Alderman Peel High School, part of The Wensum Trust. We offer students, families and the wider community easy access to exercise equipment and sports and fitness facilities, as well as a place to socialise and come together.

We have a dedicated team of staff that is always on hand to assist with our facilities, from bookings to dedicated fitness plans. Together with our existing members, who  are all local residents, we offer a positive and friendly community that encourages fitness and wellbeing for everyone. 

Alderman Peel High School

Sport-A-Peel is based at Alderman Peel High School, where it plays an important part of school life, as well as serving the local community.

Known to most students as 'The Gym', our facilities not only promote fitness and wellbeing amongst young people, but they also aid them with academic achievements in courses such as Sport Studies and GCSE Physical Education.

All of our facilities were originally set up by the school, for education purposes. The name 'Sport-A-Peel' itself was the result of a student competition to create a brand for the school's fitness programme, which was launched in 2001. We opened our facilities up to the public in order to provide funding for much needed resources and equipment that both the school and wider community are now able to take advantage of. Sport-A-Peel has also provided many work opportunities for young members of our community, many of whom have moved onto higher education and careers in the sport and fitness industry - and we hope to see this number rise as we continue to improve our facilities and provision. All profit made by Sport-A-Peel is reinvested into the school facilities for students, families and the community.

The Wensum Trust 

Sport-A-Peel are proud to be a part of The Wensum Trust. Our centre benefits from a wealth of opportunities offered by The Wensum Trust that help us to deliver our shared vision of enriching the lives of the children and families in our local community. This includes opportunities that arise from the Trust's partnerships with other organisations as well as funding to help us maintain and improve the quality of our provision. 

The Wensum Trust has 11 schools situated within three geographical hubs across Norfolk, that provide seamless transitions from early years through to sixteen plus. Sport-A-Peel is a key part of The Wensum Trust's Coastal Hub, which is made up of Alderman Peel High School, Burnham Market Primary School and Wells-next-the-Sea Primary & Nursery School. Our close network ensures that every member of our community feels welcome at Sport-A-Peel and is encouraged to develop their health and fitness in a positive and friendly environment.