Alderman Peel

High School

Welcome to
Alderman Peel High School

Our students work hard, are proud of their uniform, and show respect and courtesy for others. To support these high standards, we nurture our students in an inclusive and progressive environment to feel safe and secure in their learning. We offer wide-ranging sports, arts, languages, and cultural enrichment programmes. Our offer includes careers and Student Leadership programmes, preparing the students for the opportunities of life beyond school. Our staff go above and beyond in providing the best possible pastoral care, guidance, and support for all our students. The continuing success of Alderman Peel High School is based on strong partnerships, most significantly in our shared values with our parents and the wider community. Together, we ensure the highest standards of achievement and personal development. We look forward to welcoming your child and will do everything we can to ensure they are happy, thriving and reaching their potential. 

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