Lodge Lane

Infant School

Our Curriculum

Lodge Lane Infant School Values:

Kindness, Teamwork, Challenge, Respect, Curiosity, Perseverance

At Lodge Lane, we follow the National Curriculum, delivering it through a values-led approach. In each curriculum area, learners are taught the skills and content in a clearly structured way that enables them to build on prior knowledge and achieve high standards. At Lodge Lane, we teach the curriculum through Imaginative Inquiry which provides learners with a rich and meaningful context and gives them a clear purpose and reason for their learning. This also allows learners to engage with issues and questions from the real world, and prepares them for their future life.

At Lodge Lane, we believe that our responsibility is to promote children’s social and emotional development as well as their academic achievement, and we believe that there are strong links between the two. We want children to become happy and confident individuals with ambition and the ability to fulfil their potential. We achieve this through the use of the Responsive Classroom approach, which is centred around the development of a classroom and whole-school community. Every day begins with a class Morning Meeting, in which children are greeted and have an opportunity to share ideas with the group. They engage in fun and purposeful activities which helps to prepare them for the school day and enable them to make links to the curriculum. Children finish the day with a Closing Circle, which we believe creates a calm atmosphere for the end of the day and supports school to home transition.

The Responsive Classroom ethos forms the foundation of our Behaviour Policy, using clear teacher language and logical consequences to support children in making the right decisions and learning from times when this goes wrong. We believe that it is important for children to come up with their own class rules based on their hopes and dreams for the year. Collaborating with the children in this way means that they have ownership of their rules and are invested in following them.


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