Lodge Lane

Infant School

100th Day of School!

Year 2 have been counting the days we have been at school since September, and Tuesday 13th February was the 100th day!

We had a really special day to celebrate this event. The children had been working really hard at home to make some amazing creations using the number 100, including a bird with 100 feathers, a fish with 100 scales made out of sweet wrappers, a hedgehog made with 100 shells, and 100 one pence pieces in the shape of the number 100!


We had a really fun morning of activities based around 100, such as drawing 100 animals or a monster with 100 body parts, and a definite highlight was making a snack out of 100 raisins, cheerios, skittles and blueberries, which we enjoyed eating at the end of the day! In the afternoon, we went outside to take part in a selection of PE activities, trying to do 100 of each one. Then we played Bingo with numbers to 100, before finishing the day with our 100 snacks. It was a great day, and we had loads of fun celebrating 100!