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Our Team

Being a part of the Wensum English Hub has given our team the incredible opportunity to support other schools in developing their provision in phonics, reading for pleasure and vocabulary building.  We are incredibly proud to work with dedicated professionals across Norfolk and Suffolk who value developing this skill as much as we do.

We are committed to supporting all providers to offer the highest quality provision, so that all children are able to reach their full potential, reading for pleasure and purpose, becoming readers for life.

Stacey Coleman 

English Hub Strategic Lead
Audit Team Member
Headteacher at Heather Avenue Infant School

I have been Headteacher at Heather Avenue Infant School Since September 2015.  Prior to this I was in the classroom accumulating over 15 years experience in teaching primary aged children.  I still love to spend time in the classroom and am passionate about ensuring that every child learns to read.  I believe reading opens doors to a wealth of opportunities for our young children, supporting them in building knowledge, skills and understanding of the world around us. 

Laura Anderson

English Hub Lead
Audit Team Member

I have been teaching since 2013, primarily in KS1 which I have really enjoyed.  Prior to becoming English Hub Lead, I taught in a high opportunity area in East London before joining Heather Avenue Infant School in 2015.  Throughout my career, I have implemented a new phonics scheme, been a Reading Lead, an English Lead and a Literacy Specialist.  These are accomplishments that I am proud of and that have helped me with my mission for equipping every child I work with, with the skills they need to be able to read. 

I believe that early reading and phonics is important in order for children to receive the best possible start to their education. I am passionate about teaching phonics, English and encouraging a love of reading.  I enjoy leading our team of literacy specialists and supporting the improvement of reading in other schools.  I hope to connect with more schools across the region so that we can build our English Hub together. 


Chantal Cooke

English Hub Administrator

I am the English Hub Administrator and have been with the Wensum English Hub since our appointment in May 2019. 

I am often the first point of contact for Infant, Primary and Junior schools across Norfolk and Suffolk.  I am involved with coordinating events, event bookings, dealing with financial matters and general enquiries.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any enquiries or for more information about the Wensum English Hub.

Charlotte Bouilloux

English Hub Administrator

I am the English Hub Administrator and have joined the team in September 2023. I am responsible for marketing and communications as well as being the first point of contact for general enquiries about the Hub. 


Sophie Chilvers

Literacy Specialist

I have been teaching since 2019 across KS1 and also have had experience in early years.  Over the last few years I have progressed from Class Teacher to Reading Lead and a Phase Lead in a large school in Norwich. 

Teaching children to read through phonics and encouraging a love for reading has always been my passion and drive for teaching. As a Literacy Specialist, I am looking forward to working together with schools for the best outcomes for all children. 

Hannah Paterson

I currently teach in Year 1, with previous experience teaching Reception, both at Heather Avenue Infant School where I also completed part of my teacher training.

I have always felt enthusiastic about teaching phonics and early reading, and have seen the huge impact this can have on the beginning of children’s learning journeys.

I look forward to working alongside schools to give children the best start, and provide ongoing opportunities to find their love of reading.

Elaine Shepherd

Senior Literacy Specialist
Audit Team Member

I trained in Infant teaching and am an experienced Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 teacher.

I have found working for the Wensum English Hub very rewarding and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for phonics and reading and supporting schools on their reading journey.  I feel privileged to be working as part of the Wensum team to support schools in delivering quality phonic teaching and to promote a love of reading.

Katrin Oldridge

Literacy Specialist

Teaching children to read, and getting children excited about where reading can take them, has always been one of my main passions as a teacher and now also as a mum of 3.  

I have been a qualified teacher since 2007 and was Head of KS1 & Reading Leader at my previous school, so I am thrilled to be working with the English Hub to help schools across Norfolk and Suffolk to improve standards in this area and to have an impact on children’s learning.

Rebecca Starman

Literacy Specialist

As well as being a Literacy Specialist for the Wensum English Hub, I am the deputy head teacher and English Lead at Heartwood CE VC Primary and Nursery School.  I have over 12 years’ experience teaching Early Years and Key Stage One in a range of schools, in and out of Norfolk.  Reading is my passion, especially instilling a love for reading in others, and a child’s expression when they first realise they’re a reader is truly magical.  I believe that prioritising pre-reading skills, phonics and early reading is vital for a child’s educational journey.  I love working with other schools, sharing good practice and ensuring that all children have the best opportunities to become fluent and confident readers.

Hayley Bloss

Literacy Specialist 

I have been teaching since 2004, I have taught from Reception to Year 6 and specialise in Early Years.  Currently, I am English Lead at my school and teach a Year 1 class. 

My passion is early reading and promoting a love of reading in all children and adults in our school setting. It is a pleasure to work with the Wensum English Hub, to support schools in delivering high quality phonics teaching as well as creating a positive reading culture.

Annabel Brighton

Literacy Specialist

Early reading is such a passion of mine, especially since having children of my own.  I love hearing children suddenly bring all of their experiences together and just reading their first words, sentences and eventually books!  It feels like such a privilege. 

I have been teaching for 10 years, across EYFS and KS1, with a real passion for Early Years. I am the Phonics/Reading Lead and R/1 teacher in my school. 

I am so excited for all the experiences that working with Wensum English Hub will offer, meeting other professionals, seeing inside other schools and going on a journey of improvement together. 

Charlotte Waters


I have been a qualified teacher since 2015, working in KS1 and now Early Years.  I am enjoying being part of the Wensum English Hub to help other schools deliver high quality phonics lessons.  I am very passionate about making sure all children have the opportunity and support to reach their full potential.  I love reading myself and believe that early reading and reading for pleasure is such a fundamental skill for children to develop.



Emma Borthwick

I have been teaching for over 30 years in Norfolk primary schools and I am currently teaching a Reception class.  I am Deputy Head and Reading lead and really believe in promoting the love of reading.

I particularly enjoy working in early years and believe providing the correct start to teaching a child to read is crucial to success. I look forward to working alongside schools and helping all children reach their true potential.


Amy Bond

Literacy Specilaist

I retrained as a teacher after a successful career in marketing and graphic design, a move I will never regret!

As a military spouse, I have had the opportunity to work in a range of different schools across all year groups. 

I am currently teaching in EYFS. This is my favourite age, as I get to support children at the beginning of their reading journey, a real passion of mine.  Working with the Wensum English Hub will allow me to share ideas and practises with other like -minded professionals, and I am looking forward to assisting schools on their individual journeys.

Becky King

I am currently a year 5/6 teacher and a reading lead in a primary school. I have been teaching for almost 20 years and have taught every year group from reception to year 6.

I am passionate about promoting reading for pleasure, and as a mum of two very enthusiastic readers - I have read a lot of children's books over the years!  This is great when someone needs advice on what to read next!  I am also deeply committed to ensuring that all children, regardless of background, can learn to read.

I really look forward to supporting schools with their teaching of phonics and early reading.

Loren Carpenter

I am currently a year 1 teacher and have been teaching within KS1 and working within many roles of SLT for 12 years.  It is my wholehearted belief that teaching a child to read unlocks their world on so many different levels. 

Being a parent has fuelled my passion even further to ensure that all children get the best start in education.

I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm as we work together.

Shelley Leggett

I am an experienced Early Years practitioner and have been teaching across Reception - Year 2 for over 15 years.  I am very passionate about enabling all children to develop a love of reading through giving them the skills and experiences needed to be successful. 

I enjoy working with schools helping them develop their phonics and early reading curriculum so that all children are able to reach their full potential.