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Local Memories, Broadening Horizons

The teaching team in Kittiwake Class are Mr Williams, Mrs Collins and Mrs Stilgoe 

We also have subject specialists teaching some areas of the curriculum (Mrs Furnell teaches Music every week; Mrs Morrell leads PE every week).

Please click on the items below to find out what Kittiwake Class were learning about this term.

English and Reading

In English this term, the children will be looking at Suffragette: The Battle for Equality

Using the book as inspiration, the children will be  learning about the suffragette movement as well as important women in history. Throughout the unit, the children will be creating their own creative writing, short stories and art pieces. They'll also be producing non-chronological fact files and even political campaign pieces.

As part of their writing, children will develop their skills at writing in the progressive tenses, using different verbs and adverbs for greater impact, as well as integrating dialogue to convey information and move on the narrative.

Using their developing skills, the children will aim towards writing their own information booklet all about the missions to Mars, past, current and future.


The children are continuing their maths learning journey, focusing on multiples and factors of numbers, which will lead to fractions, decimals and percentages. They will also develop their 4-operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), using maths mastery to break down the problems pictorially, as well as using formal methods of calculation. We will also be developing their fluency and arithmetic skills regularly, using a combination of short e-learning and shorter sessions in the afternoons. 

This is an important year for Year 6, and so we will be spending a great deal of time reinforcing and consolidating prior learning, as well as moving forward with greater mathematical challenges. 

Discovery Learning

In our Discovery Learning unit this term, Kittiwakes will be exploring and researching map making, and slavery in Engliand, 1066 onwards. 

As part of our learning, we'll look at different forms of maps, learning to read and interpret maps (both digital and physical), as well as creating our own. In History, we'll also look at slavery (1066 onwards), as we learn to understand England and Norfolks part in building the slave trade and more importantly, ending it. As part of this, we'll be discussing slavery and equal rights, as well as looking at the wider global problem of modern day slavery. 


In our Science studies this term, we'll be exploring Animals, including humans.

Within each science lesson, children will be challenged with working scientifically, exploring and researching with a clear purpose. Additionally, our science learning will be linked with our Physical, Health and Social Education, which will be looking at changes.

As part of Science and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths), the Kittiwake class will be learning about Rockets (linked to our English learning), as we work towards building water rockets as part of Rocket Week.

Religious Education (R.E)

In our Religious Education, we'll be asking ourselves the big question, "What can we learn from the great philosophers?”

As part of looking into the 'Big question', the children will engage in a range of debate and discussion-based lessons, which involve looking at philosophers from Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Humanist backgrounds. We'll also look at wider philosophical questions as we discuss (in child-friendly terms), the different perspectives philosophers have put forward over the centuries regarding the belief in God. 

Much of the discussion and debate will follow the recommendation put forward by the Diocese of Norwich. 

Physical and Social Education (P.S.E)

This term, we'll be exploring our bodies and our feelings as the Year 5 and 6 class continue to learn and recognise our own feelings and those of others and how we all change over time. Much of our PSE lessons will be linked with Emotion Coaching, with children given strategies for how to moderate and understand different emotions and feelings, as well as recognising when they may be heightened and practising our mindfulness.

Children will be encouraged to use the emotional coaching stations around the school, with further emphasis put on looking after ourselves and those around us.

Art and Design Technology (D.T.)

In Art and Design this term, children will be exploring different features of textiles, looking at how we can create artistic pieces using textiles. The children will learn a variety of techniques, using a range of tools to achieve their textile pieces.


As part of our music unit, the children will be exploring 'Sea Shanties'. Using their chorus and rhythm keeping skills, the children will explore and develop their melody skills, whilst decoding and analysing further examples of sea shanties. 


In our computing unit this term, the children will be looking at programming. This will involve learning about programming patterns, as well as programming machines and robots to complete various tasks. Using their problem-solving skills, the children will also learn to debug programmes which may not be working as intended. 

We'll also be making a range of short films as part of film club and English, which will be linked with Computing this term as we look at Mars Rovers. 

Modern Foreign Languages (M.F.L.)

This term, we'll be continuing our weekly French and Spanish lessons, as we look at greetings and conversational key phrases that will continue to support their growing understanding of French and Spanish. Much of the learning will be conversation based, with children encouraged to speak French and practise key phrases, as well as memorise French nouns and sentence structure. The learning will be supported by Rigalo and utilising online learning apps such as DuoLingo. 


P.E. this term will involve football and yoga. 

The yoga will involve a range of activities and challenges which will encourage and develop the children's ability to move and use the equipment safely and in a coordinated way. 

They will also be developing their football skills, developing their strategy and soccer-based movements, through game play and mini-activities. For these sessions, children are encouraged to wear shin-pads if they can.

P.E. lessons will continue to take place twice a week, with Wednesday morning sessions led by Mrs Morrell and the Friday afternoon sessions being led by Mr Williams.


As the seasons change, it's now a wonderful opportunity to explore nature in a safe and educational way. Alongside developing our love of nature, our woodland sessions will be linked with our English as well as with our science-based learning.

Outdoor learning will take place on a Thursday. It is important your child comes dressed in long sleeves and trousers and has a change of footwear. Wellies would be most suitable from October onwards. 

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is our main form of communication with parents. If you have not yet signed up for Class Dojo and would like to, please do not hesitate to come and see us.  We are more than happy to help if you are having difficulty in accessing this.  It's a great space where you can view photos, videos and information about all the amazing things that are happening in our classroom and around the school. It gives you the chance to see what your children have been learning in school each week, giving you the opportunity to talk to them at home about what they have been doing.

We also use the Kittiwakes Google Classroom for our digital learning in school.

Home Learning

There will be a few home learning tasks to complete each week. These include: weekly spellings (set on a Monday), Ancient Greek tasks and SAT revision (only for Year 6).

The Ancient Greek-themed home learning opportunities involve a range of skills that can be completed at home. 

From October half-term, Year 6 children are also expected to complete the following work each week as part of their home learning to support them in their journey towards SATs:

1. One test from their Maths SATs Practice Book

2. One test from their English SATs Practice Book

3. One test from their GPS SATs Practise Book

4. Practise and learn their individual spellings

Latest Media Project

As part of Child Net Film Competition 2023, the Kittiwakes class were tasked with making a film all about how to talk about how to stay safe online.

After a class discussion, the group began planning a few ideas and solutions of how to talk about online safety. From this, they came up with three clear actions: Tell - Block - Report

Then using their amazing film planning and making skills, the group worked on animations, props and a script, before putting together this short film.

Check out the film below:

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The film has now won the Into Film 'Film of the Month' award in January 2024! Who knows what's next!