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Turtle Class


Local Memories, Broadening Horizons

The teaching team in Turtle class are Miss Clarke, Mrs Enefer, Mrs Shakeshaft and Mrs Hewitt. 

We also have subject specialists teaching some areas of the curriculum (Mrs Furnell teaches Music every week; Mrs Morrell leads PE every week).

Please click on the items below to find out what Turtle Class are learning about this half term.  Information about what we have been learning will be shared on Class Dojo each week.


This half term we are looking at the story Stanley's Stick by John Hegley.  We will have lots of fun exploring the story and we will be learning how to write a description and a narrative.

Children will bring home their Read, Write, Inc. reading book each week, which they will have already been rehearsing in school in their phonics sessions.  In Turtle Class we foster a love of reading and share books every day using our class reader. We also encourage children to explore our exciting and diverse book corner so that they have access to and experience of a wide range of high quality texts which they can choose for themselves, giving them time to share a book with friends or independently immerse themselves in a text, giving them a passport to countless adventures and worlds.



We follow the Read Write Inc. phonics programme, which gives children a flying start in learning to read and write.  Children are assessed regularly and grouped to meet their needs. We teach children the initial sounds, moving into reading 'special friends' such as ng and oo.  Then children are taught to decode and blend to develop their reading skills.  Reading is the key to opening the door to learning.


This half term we will be focusing on geometry, multiplication and division.  We will be learning how to solve simple multiplication and division problems using equipment. We will be exploring how arrays can be used to solve both types of problems.  We will also be learning about 2D and 3D shapes, looking at their different properties and how to tell them apart.  We will also be using the Rekenreks to explore number using the Mastering Number programme.

Discovery Learning


We will be learning all about the Titanic and why this is an important part of British history.  We learn about where the ship was made and what it was like on board.  We will learn about how and why it sank and link this to science by exploring how we can make a boat that floats. We will be making local memories by visiting Little Wooden Boats to explore boat building in our area.


This half term we will be learning about everyday materials and how they are used.  We will be developing our skills as scientists by carrying out investigations, testing the materials to explore their features e.g. are they waterproof?  This will link to our history learning about the Titanic as we will use what we have learned to make a boat that floats. 


Our focus for this half term is on what Jews remember on Shabbat.  We will learn about the Jewish story of creation and how Jewish people use the day of rest to guide their daily lives.  We will epxlore how the practice of Shabbat shows a strong relationship between God and Jewish people.


We will be learning about asking for help. We will learn to recognise people that can help us and know how to attract their attention when we need help.  We will also learn the difference between secrets and surprises and think about what we should b=do if a secret makes us feel uncomfortable.



We will be exploring textiles this term.  We will be learnign about weaving to show patterns and dyeing to alter colour and patterns.  We will also be learning how to decorate textiles using glue or stitching.  We are going to use what we have learned to make a flag for the Titanic.


We will be learning how to measure and mark out materials and how to score, cut and assemble them.  We will be developing our skills in knowing how to cut, shape and join fabric to make a simple product and learning how to use a running stitch.


We will be learning to compose word patterns in groups and working with others to chant as a group.  We will be developing our skills at playing a simple ostinato on untuned percussion instruments.  We will be exploring the difference between a pattern with notes (pitched) and without notes (unpitched).


We will continue to develop our online safety skills this half term.  In today's technology rich world it is crucial that we teach our children how to keep themselves safe.  This is all linked to broadening horizons as the Internet provides a wealth of information and experiences that are outside of our local environment, and we need to understand how to use it safely. 

We will also be learning how to log on to the Chromebooks in school and how to use our nsix email accounts.  This is an important skill to learn as, as we move through the school we will be able to use the Chromebooks independently for research and use Google Classroom when we reach Year 6.


We link a range of learning to our woodland sessions.  The children really enjoy their time in the woods (both learning and wild play time for exploring and following their own interests).  This is a fundamental opportunity for children to develop teamwork skills and build resilience through problem-solving.  It also teaches children about having respect for our environment.

Our woodland session is on a Friday afternoon. Please could children wear clothing suitable for the weather, as we are likely to be outside even if it is raining.  They will also need different shoes or wellies to wear in the woods.


Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child is wearing the full and correct PE kit on these days.  Could we please also ensure that children are not wearing earrings (where possible) on these days and that long hair is tied up.

In PE this half term we will be learning key gymnastics skills, including creating shapes and balances, jumps and rolls, and combining these through travelling sequences.  We will also be learning invasion games skills such as keeping possession, attacking skills, defending skills and marking.  Children will be encouraged to take pride in sharing their new skills and aspire to refine and develop their skills.


Class Dojo

Class Dojo is our main form of communication with parents. If you have not yet signed up for Class Dojo and would like to, please do not hesitate to come and see us.  We are more than happy to help if you are having difficulty in accessing this.  It's a great space where you can view photos, videos and information about all the amazing things that are happening in our classroom and around the school. It gives you the chance to see what your children have been learning in school each week, giving you the opportunity to talk to them at home about what they have been doing.

Home Learning

A home learning menu will be posted on Class Dojo at the beginning of each half term.  These activities are suggestions linked to the Discovery Learning focus for the half term, but you are free to explore other home learning opportunities with your child.


Please ensure your child’s clothing and belongings are clearly labelled.